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Masskara Festival 2012 - This is it!

Hi bloggers and readers! I really appreciate the time you spent here. This is going to be my last post about Masskara Festival. For those who want to catch up, thank you. Click HERE (MF 2011). Then, HERE (MF 2012).
I was with two dancers in SM Bacolod City mall.

Masskara Festival 2012 celebration started from October 1-22. The highlights were October 19, 20, and 21. This three-day festival was grandiosely observe by the people of Bacolod City.
The masked elementary pupils for Street Dance parade.
Unlike last year, many were attracted to attend the festival this time. The city was also hosting UNIGAMES Philippines on October 22-28, 2012. Delegates booked earlier to spend the weekend before a long week of sports competition among universities.

I was overwhelmed with the many people in the streets. I couldn't even watch the street dancers without cramming myself into the crowd. I couldn't get the right view to shoot my P&S camera. I almost missed the fun when people started to push me. But anyway, we really tried our best to get some beautiful shots. Let me share to you some of these. There were almost two hundred photos on my camera alone, but most of them were blurry. Poor Lexter! (my camera).

Let me share some photos.
So crowded! But the parade is really colorful.
The original colors are above. This one is edited.
The music is upbeat and encouraging. You wouldn't notice your swaying already. I was dancing and smiling. Manong Sherwin is busy taking snapshots and pictures.
This one is blurry, but I want you to see it.
She's not actually smiling. This dancer just stop and her mother help her because she's almost fainting. Masskara Festival looks all fun, but contingents are exhausted and nervous.
She's no longer dancing. I bet she's really tired. This part of the street is almost near the plaza, where Dance Showdown is performed.
This one has the most colorful costume I've seen. I love this group.
Maireen with the dancers. Her blouse blended with the dancers.
After the Street Dance parade, we decided to find a good place for lunch. I was so hungry, so I thought I could eat like a pig. We went to eat at Max's Restau, but hyperacidity strike. We took a short nap right after. Maybe it was an hour or so, which we only spent in talking. I convinced Manong Sherwin not to watch the Dance Showdown. It was really hot and ;-) I've already seen this part last year. The sweat and soggy feeling were unforgetable (OA mode). 

He asked me if I've been to Panaad Park,where the Askals (Philippine Football team) played during their stay in Bacolod City. I got excited in instant. That's another place to remember.
This is Panaad Park and Sports Stadium.

This is my BOYFRIEND'S joke! (the yellow one) team - Philippine Askalz  at Panaad Park during their friendly match with Guam.
We took a long walk. It was a long walk, because I wasn't feeling okay. I already took antacid meds, but still no way to ease my aching tummy.

Just like Buglasan Festival (HERE) in Dumaguete City, they also have their permanent Cultural Booths.
This structure attracted me from where I am standing. 
I could have took a lot of photos, but I felt like fainting. We decided to get back to the hotel. We opted to commute in a utility jeep, so we could at least familiarize the downtown area. 
We passed by the Church.
We noticed this hilarious vendor who painted himself for Masskara Festival.
I tried to rest, but after 30 minutes, we have to dine and prepare for another street party. The last night was a total blast. I got drunk and really had fun. Manong Sherwin introduced me to his friends. The lovers decided not to join. They told us that the resort already prepared a candle-lit dinner for them. Errr! That was a group vacation, not a honeymoon! But that's okay. At least, my friend is happy. I no bitter here! Anyway, we had dinner and waited for the Electrical Parade to start, which I already witnessed last year. HERE.
Manong Sherwin is sometimes a bad photographer. I hate those flabby arms.
That's me in the center. How do I look? I must look great 'coz this one was so heavy. The head opening is also small. My head alsmost stuck inside the mask.
We did bar hopping and walked in a jammed packed street with cool party people. The bars and the clubs were really full. I didn't mind the sweat, because I was in the mood to party. But of course, after the bottles of beer, I got myself a disturbing acid dyspepsia.
Opps for ADULTS only.
This is Piazza Sorrento in Lacson Street, Bacolod City
We're leaving Piazza Sorrento. Our destination were Dug Out and Siberia Club. But look at the crowd. You have to get passed them.
Vincent, Me, and Manong Sherwin. Yes, I was with these protective guys. The heck! I couldn't get a MOVE lol
Thanks to Manong Sherwin for the photo.

There's a lot more to share, but I really tried my best to shorten this post. I am so sorry. Thank you for visiting. Come again ;-)

Just me,


  1. unsa ni part 2? :)

  2. very colorful ang mga costumes..saya siguro panoorin nyan pag live.. nakakaaliw yung painting ni kuyang vendor sa katawan nya hehe.. ang daming tao at buti hindi ka na-stuck sa maskara! next time sama mo ko jan :)

  3. ang ganda ng mga photos mo ng festival... :)

  4. The colors, the sights and sounds, the flashy smiles, the euphoric festivities. It all comes into one big celebration - the MASKARA Festival. Too bad I haven't experience it "LIVE" even for once. I hope one day I can.

  5. Loving your pics!! what an amazing event :)

    ¿Cuántas veces has recordado a una persona, un lugar o una situación pasada, simplemente con oler determinado aroma?
    El perfume al igual que el vestido, el peinado o el maquillaje forma parte de la imagen de una persona.

    How many times have you remembered a person, a place or a situation in the past, just to smell certain aroma?
    The perfume like the dress, hairstyle or makeup is part of the image of a person.

    A chic kiss ;)

  6. Super colorful and I bet super fun. It is indeed the place to go because it has everything. You look great girl. BTW, we hired this woman to help out around but I decided to let her go since me being a bit OCD, checks after her all the time. Thank you for checking out my blog and for the sweet thoughts !


  7. Seeing this psot makes me proud of being a pinay. Vey creative talaga mga pinoy. By the way, as always, you are so sweet and beautiful.
    But the picture that touched my heart was the vendor who painted himself. Really love that guy:)

  8. I mean published post! Talaga si grandma oo.

  9. Huwaw! Kabilib ang Masskara Fest. Colorful at kita mo talaga ang saya. Pupunta rin ako dyan. hehe :P

  10. Those dancers look awesome. But my fave is that vendor, he is superb!!!! :D
    x, Lara

  11. Followed you. Para kung san ka mgapunta, masundan kita. HAHAH! Keep me posted! :)

  12. nice photo...but some photo over edited :)

  13. Look so festive there! Thanks for sharing!

    Smile On:)...Classy Pam

  14. well this festival is something world class and im proud of it
    anyways is young husbands back on the team now?

  15. well, i wonder pano na kaya ng paa mo na magliwaliw
    from sa streetdancing to keme to gimik! kaw na!

    - and ang pagka edit ay may future ha .. pede

  16. i love the painting that the vendor has...super cool indai...i hope we can be there together next year...:) envy much na naman ako...:)


  17. ang masasbai ko lang.. ang kulay ng buhay sa maskara festival.. hehehe. nga pala kapatid.. i have something for you..

  18. Simply breath taking ang vibrant colours ng Masskara Festival! Sana someday ma-experience ko din ng live yan :)

    Awesome shots Miss Phioxee!

  19. May Diyosa oh :))

    Napaka-kulay talaga ng mga pista dito sa Pinas. At si Manong Yosi na nakapinta ang buong katawan pero halata ang puting balbas. Manong, sana ni-shave niyo na din para pogi :))

  20. huge collection of photos...
    celebrations galore

  21. very cultural nung festival... ang saya! very creative.

  22. Ang saya nun festival!! Gusto ko na talaga ma-experience din yan! Pero grabe yun dami ng tao, pati dun sa bar, parang ako hihimatayin dyan e, haha!

  23. Bilib ako sa effort ng mga sumayaw sa Masskara..very tiring pero lively pa din :) Ang sexy mo naman sa pics, lalo na sa last one! :)

    Thanks for sharing again Phioxee! :)

  24. Very colorful and lovely ng Masskara festival, but you are more beautiful and lovely, lalo na sa last pic. Bilib ako sa 'yo gurl, gimik at party pa rin despite the aching tummy, kung ako yan malamang nagkulong na ko sa hotel, hehe.


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