Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween Special 2012

I know it's late for this post, but I still want to share about what happened to our Family Day. Halloween was the theme of the event. Since we're cost-cutting, only kids and children were given free meals.

A trick or treat was the most exciting activity. Kids were toured around collecting candies from different stations. Our supervisors wore horrible costumes and make-ups. There were kids who reakkt screams, 'coz the make up were just so real.

Let me share you some photos.
Know your favorite MOMO

Prom Dance
Zombie Carnival

This is Xoxo_Grah and Jade.

This is my costume.

Thank you guys for visiting. Have a happy Halloween!

Just me, 


  1. Where is your pic? I remember we were twins, right?...hahaha Happy Halloween! Thanks for the dinner!


  2. oh my, so scary! di ko na tiningnan lahat ng pics, diretso na dito sa comment section, sensya naman at matatakutin lang. ;)

  3. buti pa kayo may mga ganyan.. samin ala. walang kwenta management. di uso yung mga ganyan.. puro work work work lang.. kakainggit..

  4. Nice costume. Buti hindi ka gumaya sa mga girls na slutty ang theme pag Halloween hehe

  5. Je suis certaine que cela sera une fête incroyable... Merci pour vos généreuses photos.
    Gros bisous

  6. Haha :D So creepy :D Nice that the kids got treats ^^
    x, Lara

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  8. Happy Halloween! Hindi kami naka-attend sa trick or treat sa office e, 9am pa kasi start e 4am out namin.. Where are the kids? Gusto ko makita cute costumes nila, hehe..

  9. Nice! My favorite mumu by the way are Jacob and Edward :)

    Ang saya ng floor nyo, sa amin pasweet lang ang decoration - sa inyo pang horror house talaga. Galing :)

  10. What a fun Halloween! I love your costume.

  11. Parang di nakakatakot ang costume mo Ms. Phioxee. hehe

  12. hay natapos na lahat halloween wa kong napuntahang ganto

  13. i love your costume! you're so pretty! fun and scary decorations! :)

  14. great halloween honey, i really love these photoos!


  15. so cool!!:) I have a new post now and would love to know your opinion on it!!



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