Friday, August 9, 2013

Valencia Negros Oriental - Cata-al World War II Museum

I visited Cata-al World War II Museum in Valencia, Negros Oriental last time. The Museum displays old and vintage collections of World War II artifacts. 
photo by Roel Hoang Manipon of Lakbay Pilipinas

It was the late Porferio Cata-al, Sr. who started collecting these priceless memorabilia. He was a private of the Filipino guerrilla movement when the Japanese took over Valencia, Negros Oriental. It was during his funeral wake last November, 2012 when I discovered that Cata-al WW II Museum existed in Valencia, Negros Oriental. 
photo by Randy Anderson of Pinoy Topics
His son, Felix Constantino Villa Cata-al, helped his father in gathering WWII collections. The museum is part of their modest two-story house. Visitors are free to see the artifacts and relics, but a donation box for maintenance can be considered.
Mr. Felix Cata-al showing us this old phonograph
phonograph during World War II
old typewriter machine during WWII
old water container

The place is easy to find. It's even listed in Dumaguete City Tourism office as one of the attractions in the province. Mr. Cata-al (son) told us that he was offered with considerable money by many antique collectors. 

But he wouldn't agree if collectors only wanted to buy a piece of the artifacts. He intended to sell all of them in one price. He has a point, and for the mean time, all these are still in their family's possession.

I was really amazed Cata-al Family's fashion over these precious antiques. I hope it will stay in Valencia, Negros Oriental for many more years. 
Till here. I'm gonna be busy the entire month. I hope you wouldn't get tired visiting my space. I'll be working in a new city, and I'm starting from the scratch. I don't even have my own place yet, and still staying with a friend. 

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