Monday, May 28, 2012

Bluer than Amlan Bluewater Beach Resort

Bonding with our families should not be an option to make. It’s always a responsibility to give time to each member of our family. Friends and ‘barkadas’ can come and go, but a family would never leave us no matter what would happen. I know that most of us are more comfortable being with friends, but that should not be the case. In life, only a family would never leave us alone. 
Amlan Bluewater Beach Resort
Eating together and going to church are the usual ways a family would do to spend with each other. However, having a family outing is much more exciting than staying at home. Aside from the relaxation and recreation we could get, we would be able to get along with each member of the family. In my case, I don’t have my immediate family with me, but I have this wonderful second family here in Negros. Thanks to my aunt and cousins who always made me feel that I am no stranger to them! 
My aunt Janet and Tito Tony
When my aunt announced that Tito Tony would be visiting Negros, she asked me where would be the best place we could spend our family outing. Right away, I suggested Amlan Bluewater Beach Resort. I couldn’t think of any place where you can bring food without corkage fee. Let me share to you how we’d get there and the fun and enjoyment we had.  
Amlan Bluewater Beach Resort
swimming pool in Amlan Bluewater Beach Resort
The resort is located 1 km from Amlan Municipal Hall. Amlan is a 5th class municipality of Negros Oriental province, and a fervent advocate of NO SMOKING campaign. Just imagine how clean and smoke-free this town is! From Dumaguete City, you could take a cab and get there for only an hour. In our case, we had Tito Tony’s SUV, and spent almost an hour and half to get there, because we still had to buy fish in the market. 
Going to the resort is so easy! Just take the highway from Dumaguete City to Amlan, and you would find the resort at the right side of the road. There would be a big billboard displaying the name of the resort. The locals were also friendly. Anywhere, you could see NO SMOKING signboards. All of them displayed the effects of smoking on our bodies. There’s one signboard that displayed a cripple baby born from a smoker mother. You could really tell that the officials and the mayor of the town were all for this campaign.  I talked to one of the local people in the place, and he proudly told me that their officials were all non-smokers. A fine shall be imposed if caught smoking in a non-smoking area like in public places. No doubt the place has no smog even in the afternoon.
Beach huts for FREE
Choose any huts for FREE
We arrived at the resort at around 9:00 AM. The place reflected its name, BLUEwater Beach Resort. You would surely be delighted by how clean and neat the place looks. I couldn’t even get my eyes away from the beautiful swimming pool. The water just seemed so inviting even under the scorching heat of the sun. We were welcomed by one of the attendants, and ushered us to our preferred beach hut. You only have to pay $2.00 - $2.50 per head to use all the amenities. The beach is also available to use, but we preferred the gleaming blue pool (of course!) 
our humble hut
We chose the hut near the pool and immediately placed our things and prepared our food. Thanks to our beloved Aunt Carmen who volunteered to do most of the preparation. From roasting the fish to washing the plates, Aunt Carmen did all these things for us, so we could enjoy the place.  
Te Janet and Tito Tony with Te Carmen
Te Carmen
The resort also has a beautiful restaurant overlooking the swimming pool. It can accommodate 45-seats of guests for Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversary, Conventions, and Company Fun days. They are open from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM everyday, even in holidays. You can also request an advanced booking with their Chef de Cuisine for an exotic meal. 
Amlan Bluewater Restaurant
In case you couldn’t get enough of the place, you can stay over and choose from any of their 12 air-conditioned double rooms with bathroom. They also have apartments for rent for those traveling couples and tourists who decide to stay longer in Negros Oriental. 
cousin Gee posed before the cottages
Just as the time we decided to hit the pool when I found out that I forgot to bring a swimwear. My Aunt Janet was teasing us to show off our bodies under the sun. Good thing that all of us did not bring any swimwear! I wouldn’t be an outcast (evil grin)! We hit the pool with our shorts and t-shirts. We ignored the attendants who kept telling us that we really have to use a proper swimwear. No way! No one could spoil the fun we had. We took the slides and played like kids. I was the oldest, so I was the one setting the rules of the game. We played chasing game inside the pool, and whoever tried to go beyond the poolside would be the It. We were really happy and enjoying the whole morning.
Having fun under the sun
Lunchtime was another amazing moment we had. We were the only guests in the resort, so we seemed to solo the place. We took many pictures and posed everywhere in the resort. That’s one of the most common characteristic we have among cousins. 
cousin Kristine
cousin Lorence
We love picture-taking! Even my aunt Janet liked to pose in the camera. We were really so happy and joyful at that time. I couldn’t even remember any lull moments we had. Then, Tito Tony offered us free drinks, so we ordered bottle of beers and drink till we drop (joke!) We really had so much!

We went home with joyful hearts and full tummy. It was one of the family outings we would never ever forget. The last time we did this was with our neighbors, and the difference was that this time, we’re all family members.
 Till next time guys! Hope you have a wonderful time with your family, too

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  1. What a nice way to enjoy family bonding...:)


  2. Great article, Aizy. The mayor of Dauin should credit you for featuring the best of his town.
    keep on blogging :) bravosierra.

    1. Thanx Bravo sierra. it's actually in amlan,Negros Oriental.

  3. the place is closed sold to private family

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  20. Hi gud morning ask LNG po ako Kong magkano po qng entrance pls. At meron po b akayong room for overnight?


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