Saturday, June 2, 2012

Time to say I DO's

The month of June is always known as the best month to hold wedding celebrations. We even have terms like June Wedding for June bride. I was searching for good topics to feature on my blog, and I came upon the idea of posting events and places where wedding bells are mostly held. Of course, I will feature weddings I already attended and venues I have visited.
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But aren't you wondering why June is chosen to be the most popular month for wedding? Well, there are lot of theories and reasons I've learned just by browsing the internet.
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First, the name itself is derived from its origin. June for Juno. So we blame it to the Romans. Juno is the Roman goddess of marriage. The Roman husband has to marry his future wife and conceive the baby earlier before the next harvest time, which mostly falls on May the next year. Such a gentlemanly move by a Roman husband, huh! The wife has to be in good shape to help their husband during harvest time. (Associated Content).
Goddess of Marriage - Juno
Second idea I bumped into is that June happens to be the next month after Summer time. On old times, men and women including children take a bath only once a year during their annual ritual bathe. Just imagine the smell and odor of a person without a bath for over a year. After they bathed on April showers and May flowers, matrimony follows. Man and woman join themselves in a vow. During these times, they smell fresh and nice including everybody in the wedding.
Ritual Bathe
Then, the most intriguing idea I've picked up is that if you marry in June, your "Life will be one long honeymoon". Who would not want to have a long sweet life with our partners? Of course, no one.
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There are many more theories about June Wedding, but I guess most couples marry in June for it brought forth a sweet weather and ambiance. The sun gives off a crisp taste of sunlight after the scorching Sunny days of April and May. Bonuses are also given during the middle of the year (so true). Added to that, venues and receptions lower their rates since June is no longer pick seasons for vacations and escapades.
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This year, I attended two weddings, but both not held this month. None of the three reasons I've discussed convinced them to marry this month. Churches and wedding venues are mostly fully booked in the month of June, and they didn't want to stress themselves in that. They also want to get married on a special day they have chosen, and that couldn't be JUNE. So, check out my next two posts about these wedding bells.
Mr. and Mrs. Ross and Josephine Howard
Mr. and Mrs. Redan and Rose Gramatica

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