Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Cebu City - New Life but NO POST

It has been more than a month since I relocated here in Cebu City, Philippines. It's more than a month as well since the last time I posted something here. I got a lot of pending post on my draft, but all of them do not have photos on them. I do not have the hard drive with me, so I can't work and finish anything.
I really miss blogging. Once in a while I check out blog posts, especially those bloggers who posted their links in Facebook and Twitter. I wish I always have a computer or laptop. Right now, I borrowed a friend's lappy, so I can watch movie on my rest days, but a brilliant idea came to me. Why not enable my phone's tether and quickly make a post ;-)
I'd like to thank those bloggers who never fail to visit here. Thanks a lot. I'm still trying to adapt the city life. My pimples are killing me everyday. Every two weeks, we're given a new schedule. I really have to bear with it, coz I'm still in training. I miss the things I'd left behind in Dumaguete.
Though I'm starting to have new friends here in Cebu city, I still miss my old friends. I still can't forget the word "chilling" everytime I went out with them. Here, chilling is partying. I know how to party, but it has never been my thing. I love to hang out with friends, and partying is like faking the bond. I want something real like talking and laughing.
I have a lot of friends here though, but everybody's busy except during night outs. My co-border here in my apartment asked me where do I always go after work, because he has never seen my room lit up even night time. Yeah I always go out with friends, and my money's running out before payday comes. lol I'm not a loner, and I can't stay in my room whole day without someone to talk to. I easily got bored except today when I have something to write.
I realized my next project is to get a laptop. How much is a laptop? I wish there's a Php 2000.00. I'll buy myself right away. lol
Thanks for everything blogger friends and readers. I still receive traffic even I'm away.
Just me,