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October's Nostalgic Chills

Hi bloggers! It's been months now that I successfully write blog posts. Yes, it's such a big thing to me, because I am not that confident to tell stories about anything. 
This is my pet Theodore

But, I have these two travel bloggers with me.

This is Gagay's Travel blog. Click HERE to know her.

These two friends are a Pro-blogger and a Travel blogger. They shared me their ideas on how to begin. If you can try to check my first posts, those are quite lengthy. They told me that I would bore my reader to death if that would be my style. So, I cut it! Then, cut it half, and divided it until it becomes readable to online readers. I can't imagine how short a story it could be. Gosh! I can't do that. I decided to follow my heart and my mind. I am a talker, and I do not know how to do a shortcut. 
This is Grah's Travel blog. Click HERE to know her.
Since I already promise last time that there would be no swimming escapades on October, I might as well post something different. Let me share to you how October is for me.

October is a fiesta month for both my home town and current town - Trento, Agusan del Sur and Valencia, Negros Oriental. I know you don't know where these towns are, but they are certainly in Google.
This is our park. Photo courtesy of Rodge Regan, a soldier assigned in our town.
We need military men there coz leftists are really fervent in persuading my fellow townsmen to join their forces. I know you're thinking it's not peaceful there, but it's not. We just have to maintain the peace and order by the help of military people.
TRENTO is a town in Agusan del Sur province of Mindanao Philippines. It's where I was born. I left it for university days and lived in a city. For almost three years now, I haven't visited the place. I just recently requested a friend to give me a photo of my home town.
We used to play here when I was a kid. Everytime we had presentations, we met up here and practice.
 I really miss Trento. I was planning to visit it last August, but due to some family emergencies, my budget was used. Trento celebrated its fiesta last October 4, 2012. It's known festival is Santikan during September of every year.
Photo from Agusan del Sur website
Lolong in his 6.4 meters (21 feet). Such a LONG croco!
 Places to See
  • Bahayan Falls
  • Cogonon Falls
  • Dumanon Falls
  • Magalibobo Falls
  • Maitum Falls
  • Maot Falls
  • Maymayan Falls
  • New Visayas Falls (Brgy. Pulang-Lupa)
  • Pangyan Falls (Brgy. Pangyan)
  • Sagpao Falls
  • Basa Cave (Brgy. Basa)
  • Dumagook Cool Spring
  • Kalibon Lake (Binongan)
  • Maitum Caves
  • Sto. Domingo Spring (Brgy. Langkila-an)
  • Sinayuran Lake (Bacay 2)
  • Tudela Irrigation Dam (Brgy. Tudela)
  • LOLONG - the largest crocodile in the world (in Bunawan)
Valencia is the town I am currently staying. Though I am working in Dumaguete City, I'm staying in my mother's sister who's really so dear to me. After graduation, she fetched me from Iligan City, and offered a work in Valencia Water Works office. It's been almost six years now that I enjoy the kind accommodation she's giving me. 

Valencia's Ampitheater - Photos from Mike (The Coffee) Every Monday morning, I used to join Valencia Municipal Government's flag ceremony here. It's part of Valencia's beautiful park.
The place is known to be the little Baguio City of the South. It's highland. From the city, the temperature drops. The weather is always cold, and the place is the favorite niche of foreigners. Most people has their own ride for public vehicles stop around 4:00 PM and resume at 4:00 AM. I really secured my own ride, coz it's so hard to get to the city after dark.  
I am sorry for my look. I was in my bad hair day and oily face at this time. I didn't know I look horrible. This is RAMBUTAN. One of the town's products. This is from our farm (my aunt's farm).
This is Lanzones, one of the products in Valencia, Negros Oriental. This is just in our yard, so I took a shot before I went to the office this morning.
This is Durian, one of the product in Davao City, Mindanao Philippines, but we also have it in our farm.
Valencia, Negros Oriental will be celebrating its fiesta this coming week, October 12, 2012. It's going to be a fun-filled week. I hope I can share some photos of the event soon. 
  • Banica Swimming Lagoon
  • Camp Lookout
  • Casaroro Falls
  • Cata-al Memorabilia
  • Fil-Jap Amity Shrine
  • Forest Camp
  • Pulangbato Falls
  • Hot Springs of Palinpinon
  • Tejeros River
  • Malabu (command post of 75th Infantry Guerilla In WWII)
  • Kalungan Twin Falls
  • Geothermal Plant
This is the family that accommodates me here in Valencia. I will post my family photos soon. I just have to scan it. So, please bear with me.
I am really hoping to explore ALL the beautiful spots of these two towns. I also hope you enjoy reading this lengthy post. I cannot help myself from talking. I want to thank you guys for the comments last time. Though I didn't reply, but I keep on reading them, and I don't fail to visit  your pages. My internet connection is kinda slow, so comment forms are seldom to load. But I always visit you guys. I swear! If you're using IP tracking tool, my IP is from Laguna or from US, 'coz I sometimes used a connection from the office.
Just me, 


  1. good luck on your trips this bad I cant come along...but im sure youll be having so much fun! Happpy october best bud!...:)


  2. Hi Phioxee! I love the way you express you ideas so don't cut and divide, please! I'm looking forward to your upcoming posts!
    Thank you for stopping by and commenting! I really like your blog, so I'm following you, of course!
    I invite you to follow me back , hopefully via bloglovin!
    A big hug!


  3. Ang ganda sa inyo. Napunta nako ng davao. maganda at masaya dun. Dati ako rin ang hahaba ng mga post ko pero ngaun pinipilit kong paikliin. :) Laki ng croco!

  4. Thanks for showing the photos of your home town. Well that is one big crocodile, we also have big ones in Australia - I would never get that close though!

  5. I really want to go travelling! That is one massive crocodile. Theodore is adorable :)

  6. sana mai-post mo yung photos ng fiesta..masaya yun.. may tour guide na pala ako pag nagpunta ako ng negros at agusan ;)

  7. Yung parents ko may bahay sa Valencia. Maganda nga dun. Simple lang ang buhay, tahimik. :)

    1. ay taga dito pala parents mo. when ka visit ng valencia?

  8. wow! love your hometown! Ganda!
    Love the rambutan, and lansones.. (durian? not much)
    Anlaki ni Lolong!

  9. What a sweet post. Beautiful place you are living in. Enjoy the festivities!

  10. HI dear! thanks for the comment! this croco is amazing!!

  11. nice pictures =)
    what do you think about following each other via GFC?

  12. Lovely pics .Lovely pace. You are sooooo lucky
    Following your blog.

    Care to follow back?

  13. I love October. It's my favorite month!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  14. Overtime, you'll learn to make shorter posts, yun bang focused on a certain place or adventure, yan ang tina-try ko gawin para di masyado mahaba ang mga posts ko. pero syempre, short or lengthy post man yan, sulat lang ng sulat, kung ano feel mo, gora lang gurl. ;)

    meron din pala durian sa negros, I thought sa davao lang ang durian. ganda ng place mo gurl, sana marating ko yan in the near future. ty nga pala sa follow... :)

    1. yeps may durian din, pero di tulad ng davao. visit ka dito;-)

  15. WOW, everything looks soooooooooooo good :)


  16. All photoes are really great! But I can't help feeling like I'm so sorry for that poor crocodile((( That's really soo so sad;(

    Best wishes, Alex

  17. wow there plenty of water falls how come we have nothing hohoho but seriously it would be great to visit such place

  18. lovely post. It looks like a nice, fun town. Those fruits looks so yummy.. Thanks for sharing.


  19. Super ganda nman ng place mo plus the beautiful ladies.. they add up sa environment :) hehehe..
    Thank you for visiting my blog


  20. wow .. gusto ko pumunta dyan andming prutas .. favorite ko pa nmn yung rambotan :) at tsaka mukang antahimik

    1. ay sobrang tahimik kasi nga me curfew at 10 am.

  21. nice places sis! been always dreaming to go to enchanted river :3 hihi xD


  22. hey i really like your blog great post! maybe we follow each other!? let me know :) greetings

  23. Hello Phioxee. :-)

    First of all, I want to say "thank you" for visitng my blog and leaving a comment. I really appreciate it.

    Ang ganda ng lugar niyo, yung Valencia ah. Natuwa kasi ako at may farm kayo. Yan ang gusto kong magkaroon sa aking pagtanda. Magtatanim lang ako tapos may pagkain na ako.

    OK din sana ang Trento kaso katakot yung seguridad. I hope na maging peaceful na sa lugar niyo. Pasaway kasi yang mga leftists na yan eh.

    Hindi naman ahaba ang iyong post. OK lang ang haba. At saka nilagyan mo naman ng mga photos. Ang masakit ay kapag isang bloke lang ng text yung article mo. Pwedeng ma-bore ang mga readers dun. The photos create a break. And that is good.

    Walang problema sa mahabang post basta relevant. Problema kasi kapag kung anu-ano ang idinadagdag. Pero maganda rin na putol-putulin yung sobrang haba na post. Kapag sobrang haba ay ma-o-overwhelm yung readers.

    Ang style ko sa ganyan, I divide my long post iinto different topics. One example is yung gala ko sa Tagaytay. Imbes na ilagay ko sa isang post yung gala ko sa Tagaytay eh hinati ko iyon in terms of "places of interest." Bawa't tourist spot sa Tagaytay ay may sariling blog post. Naiwasan ko yung sobrang haba na post and then napadami ko pa yung blog posts ko. Hindi agad ako naubusan ng magiging topic. :-)

    May kanya-kanyang style ang bawat blogger. Tingnan mo kung ano style mo. :-)

    I just added your blog in my Google Reader.

    1. salamat po sa tips. ;-) im adding you now

  24. Cute dog! That fruit looks so cool!

  25. That croc is SUPER BIG! I'm interested in learning more about rambutan. Can you eat it? It looks so cool!

  26. Colorful site you have ... enjoyed it !!!

  27. Astig! gaganda ng mga kuha sa pic... buhay na buhay... sarap ng durian.... ^_^

  28. Great tour of lovely place ~ Lovely photography ~ (A Creative Harbor)

    thanks for coming by and commenting ^_^

  29. Thanks for sharing the pictures of the your cities, I enjoyed them. I loved the picture of the crocodile, it's huge. Also thank you for stopping by my blog!!

  30. Great pics! Your dog is sooo sweet! :)

    Xx, Saritschka.

  31. hmmm, blogging is never a simple thing actually.. glad that you have not given up, haha!! keep it up with more posts.. :)

  32. I guessed Phillipines!! You seem very American and write beautifully.
    Even using words like "coz" haha!! You are so cute. Thanks for all the travel info!!! I love your blog Miss Wanderer...glad you have a great job too.

  33. yes, it's Philippines. how did you know it? do you have Filipino friends? ;-)

  34. Dami talagang magagandang lugar sa Pinas! Yung list mo ng places to see kung may time lang talaga at more money e iisa isahin ko yan. hehe!

  35. Cool blog! at ganda ng mga photos! keep it up:) I am now following ur blog!

  36. doggone.. taga-esperanza 'yung family ng ermat ko.. kung tama ako, madadaanan 'tong trento 'pag galing ng bayugan tapos pupunta ng butuan city.. tama ba?

    1. hindi kana dadaan ng Trento pag pupunta ka ng Butuan from Bayugan. kasi last town na ang trento from Butuan. after Trento,Davao province na po.

  37. Kumusta Phioxee,

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting! I have been checking out your blog and really enjoy it... cute photo with Theodore! This post to me captures the essence and beauty of the Philippine provinces, and reminds me of my wife's hometown in Misamis Occidental. I love durian and I miss the many different Philippine fruits. There are a few posts I wrote about Mindanao so far that you might like, being that your home town is Trento.

    I never knew about Valencia being cool in temperature like Baguio and being called the "Little Baguio of the South"; would like to go there and check it out.



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