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Exploring Twin Lakes - Balinsasayao and Danao

One of the major attractions in Negros Oriental is the Twin Lakes (Balinsasayao and Danao) of Sibulan. It is situated 12 km west of the town of Sibulan, which is only 6 km away from the City of Dumaguete. These two small craters of freshwater lakes are rising 1000 feet above sea level. It’s really deep than even a sea dragon can stay under! The vastness and serenity of the water is really breathtaking.
Balinsasayao Lake from view deck

A view from our Nipa Hut
How to get there? It was so easy. We used a motorcycle. From Dumaguete City, it would take 10 minutes to Sibulan. If you take a cab or a jeep, it would be 20 minutes. From a certain point ahead, the steep and winding road begins. Along the way, the lush thick woods welcomed us. The dampness of the air, particularly at 8:00 AM, would let you feel the density of the rain forest. 
If you got whole day, you can stop for an hour to enjoy the scenery.
If you prefer to travel alone, there were trustworthy “habal-habal” drivers who could take you to the disembarking area. There was also an entrance fee administered by the local government, who oriented us about the place. 
Entrance Area
I super love the fog. It was quite cold at this time, but I love the mist touching my skin.
I arrived at the place short breathed (only ME), because I had to walk. Our ride could no longer hold two persons. The steepness of the road made it hard for the motorcycle to ascend (not because I’m too heavy, of course!). Finally, we made it to the disembarking place. We found a small bistro there. It’s chic and fashioned to receive tourists. Anyway, we didn’t order anything, because we brought ourselves our own lunch. If you’re a family, you can bring your own food and drinks to save and enjoy.  
I really had to take this LONG walk alone.
Finally, I made it.
We made a short descent, so we could get to the entrance of the lake. We passed in a man-made stairway made of flat stones. The excitement and thrill I was feeling along the way were slowly sufficed by the captivating scenery. The majestic lake was really right in front of us (at last!). The green quiet water was so enthralling. The place seemed so enchanted and enticing in the eyes. I got this awry feeling when I first look into the lake, but I was mesmerized when I’ve seen how the sunlight beams into the water. It was really worth every sweat I got from walking the steep winding road. 

Walking was really tiring, but the place is worth every single sweat I had.

Posing before going down to the entrance of the lake.
The Man-made stairway down to the entrance.
We were greeted by the friendly locals who manage and maintain the lakes. They informed us about the activities we could enjoy there. They offered kayaking, trekking, and swimming for free.  You would only pay for the boat and the kayaks in affordable fees. Since we didn’t plan to swim, we rented a boat for an affordable rate of about $5.00-$6.00.
These are the local people who accommodate visitors.

They're really friendly.
The boatman was also friendly and chatty. He told us many things about the place. I was little scared when he told us that the water in the lake rises and increases each year. He shared stories about how the water ruined the trail they made last year. We also noticed that some nipa huts were already submerged in the water. Even during summer days, the water does not seem to decrease.  
Excited to get to our boat. We were waiting for our turn.
Meet our boatman. This was a candid shot. I was checking if there's a network signal. I wanted to check in here. lol
Anxious with that fog. It's a little scary.
Our friendly boatman took us to an old tower, which is made of wood and nipa. They just renovated the structure and cemented the foundation. From the tower, you could see both the twin lakes – Balinsasayao and Danao. The former looked bigger and larger while the latter seemed so deeper and quiet.

So excited to go upstairs
Finally, Lake Balinsasayao at the back. If only I could share how serene the water.
Seeing Lake Danao. The lake is hidden unless you get up here. Though small, but looks deeper.
It’s about 4:00 PM when we decided to get back. In just a couple of minute, the fogs started to surround us. I was like floating in a cloud.

 The cold wind was blowing my hair and left goose bumps on skin. I got the feeling that all the mysteries of the lake were behind those fogs and clouds. You could really feel that the lake has its own life and it even breathes. It felt so creepy, but such a pleasant sensation!

Clouds and fog ALL IN ONE
We went home before 5:00 PM, because the sky was getting darker though the sun was still up. The atmosphere just suddenly appeared so gloomy. I just felt like there’s some ominous creature lurking behind. 

This was during our way back home. We stopped by and enjoy the view of Cebu Island.
And, I decided to fly! hahaha
The experience was truly memorable. If you are looking for fun in a terrific place for a one-day trip, this place is what you’re looking for.

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PS for those who have read this blog, this was from Tumblr. I just have to repost it, because the pictures were deleted. I just noticed it. And, thank you so much to Walter Grapa. All the credit goes to him. He's almost the official photographer of this blog. (hahaha)


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