Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bravo Golf Resort & Spa - Summer Fiesta 2012

Our company arranged another outing in the same resort. I am a bit friendlier and got more outgoing these days, so I joined the event. I even volunteer to be part of the Registration Team. We had to wake up early, and get to the resort earlier than the rest of the people to prepare. 
Bravo Golf & Spa

Since, this is the second time I featured Bravo Golf Resort & Spa, I wouldn't be telling you how beautiful the place is. In case you want a review CLICK HERE
Summer Fiesta on the last days of Dry Season
The fun started at 6:30 AM, and along with my super fun friends, we diligently assisted early birds in the registrations.
I'm in that Yellow sunny dress. We're supposed to wear a T-shirt, but I don't feel like wearing tight clothes.
Early birds looking for their own place in the resort.
Big canopies and tents were laid out. The resort is located in hill side. Though there are a lot of trees, the air is still hot.
There were three batches of Registration Team. I volunteered for the first batch, and I really woke up early to get to the resort . I got my own ride, and got there on time. When the second batch arrived, we immediately found our own place. That's definitely in the poolside. And, while waiting for the program to start, we took photos. Let me share them to you.
These group were one of the early birds. They still have shift in the afternoon.
This group were already hungry, and just came from their shift last night. Even though, they're on the Summer Fiesta mode.
With my bestfriend, Xoxo_Grah. We're feeling so cool at the bar
The resort was quite big, and has two swimming pools. We settled near the big one. There are three department in our company, and I belong to eCare Department. The other pool was occupied mostly by the other departments.
Bravo Golf Resort & Spa also has a mini playground for kids.
We're waiting for the program to start.
It was around 9:00 AM when the fun officially started. An opening remarks from our Site Director followed by the ultimate fun jamming with a band. 
Hired Band
We were eating while the program was ongoing. We're in a strict diet at this time, so no Carbs as much as possible. If you could notice, we're all a little fat and chubby the last time we had a blast in this resort.
Our good supervisors were so cool that they sponsored the drinks. ;-D
Hard drinks under the scorching heat of the sun.
We gathered in the resort's center area to witness the presentations.
Presenter 1 - Colorful outfits and plainly dancing
Presenter 2 - British inspired outfit with their strip tease dance choreography
Presenter 3 - Variety Show presentation. boring ;-/
Presenter 4 - They did some comical type of dancing.
The winner was the first presenter. The judges found them cute and had prepared so much. I preferred the last presenters, because it was so entertaining. The games started following the different presentation. I wanted to join, but all games were all using water. I didn't want to get wet until I hit the pool. 

The game mechanics was so simple. The group that could hold and lift the basin with water would win. The game was actually so simple. You just have to hold the basin with your feet. However, the heat of the sun was so unbearable.
It's so ironic that the group with all guys were the first one to get ousted.
The winner has their strategy - BIG LEGS lol
After the games and presentations, we hit the pool and had fun. Though I got drowned the last time I was here in Bravo Golf Resort & Spa, I still couldn't help myself hitting the swimming pool. I was more careful this time.
Xoxo_Grah, Janet, Boging, and Rossane - getting our tan under the sun
Sexy girls with their sexy guards? Why not! lol
We need to do the smiling most of the time, because there were a lot of candid shots from everywhere.
With girlfriends
Girls and Gays :-)

We got drunk and ate a lot. Had a great time and got home at around 5:00 PM. I checked Facebook, and voila! Photos were already available to grah (time to blog). Before I got home, me and my buddy Xoxo_Grah dined and talked about the whole day event.   
We kinda have the same taste in sunny dress. lol
Thanks for visiting bloggers. I really appreciate the time you spent browsing my blog. Thank you so much. Next post will be on October. I might be posting less pool activities. Promise! ;-)

Just me,

PS. Thanx to Walter Grapa for the photos


  1. i love pool activities.. you're so sexy by the way :)

  2. hmmm kainggit nmn.. alam mo bang suki ka sa mga pool .. lagi ka nalang nagsuswimming .. inggit much me ang sexy mo pa ..

  3. Mukang masaya sa company niyo ah! May vacancy ba kayo ngayon? Maka-apply nga, hehe

  4. Ang saya ng outing nyo. sarap magswimming :) follow ur blog :)

  5. Very beautiful place and cute sundress by the way! Thank you for your nice comment. :)


  6. lovely!

  7. Phioxee, what a beautiful name, what does it mean? Thanks for stopping at my blog. you look adorable in your yellow sundress. And such a nice resort, amazing that your company conducts activieties :-9

    <3 Ani

  8. Hi Phioxee,
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving me a comment. You look so cute in your yellow dress and your job looks like so much fun. I wish I could find a job like that.

  9. looks like fun!!

  10. Looks like a lot of fun and excellent team building!

  11. buti di ka nag tshirt..o see..angat na angat ka sa yellow dress mo..

  12. Wow, I'm from Ttech too, but in Cainta :)

    It was nice you wore your lovely yellow dress, you stood out in the pics :) Good times, food and friends! :)

  13. Love the dress!
    xo Annie

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  15. awww cool... It's never too late to get a glimpse of summer fun...well it's always sunny in here so why not!
    I love to see happy faces... looks like you guys were really having fun :)

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  19. wow, ilvoe your blog, i adore people who travel, this is so brave and i always wish living this style of life.
    as i was a child my parents travelled a lot because i had herat problems and had to stay near the ocean and clean air.
    now i haven't moved out of my country for 2 years and out of my city for half a year.
    i feel like dying
    and thatÄs why i adore browsing your blog!
    everything here is so sunny and lovely.
    and your smile is amazing!
    you look so beautiful and the vivid color of your dress is amazing, so eyecatchy!
    even in a crownd of people people look at you #cause of the strong color of your dres,s but also beacause of you amazing and sweet smile!

  20. Wow, this post is really entertaining and fun. I missed the hot weather, coz here it is cold and cold. Hi hi.
    Anyway, you girls are really beautiful and fresh.
    Thanks for visiting and leaving a nice comment:)

  21. Beautiful pictures! :) Great, you like Tekken, because I am a huge fan of this game :) I know Nina and her sister Anna xD Nina is gorgeous :)
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  22. what a fabulous time! hahaha i love your yellow dress. it's so pretty! love seeing the different presenters too. you work for an awesome company! have a great day!

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  27. Seems your are having so much fun there!!
    The place is great,,and the photos too!!!
    Your dress is perfect for the occasion!


  28. so much fun! <3

    - A.

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  34. Looks like a total blast!!
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  35. I love ur yellow dress:)
    U guys looking so sexy, and lots of fun everywhere.

  36. This was a whole lot of fun! A great time to be with the best party people in the world...:)


  37. Looks like paradise;)

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  41. thanks for dropping by and leave comment on my blog... ur activities seems so exciting. i can see u r having so much fun. :)

    ikr... and when the service charge was unexpectedly high... automatically -ve rate for the restaurant.

    tq.. yep... by using my phone's camera. :D

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