Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sta. Monica Beach Resort - My First Fun Summer Company Treat

Hi bloggers! I've been thinking real hard what best to post on September, so it took me two weeks to post something this month. 

Certainly not beach and pools! So, I guess I'll share my nature tripping and road trips. But before I start posting them, let me first share my Sta. Monica Beach Resort summer experienced. I already mentioned this resort in my last post (HERE), and I don't like breaking any promises.
Colored IT girls

Though no longer a newbie, I was still a bit disclosed and unattached to colleagues and people in the office during these times. But, a friend dragged me to our first summer event at Sta. Monica Beach Resort with the theme "I AM TeleTech - Summer Party." I was really thankful I attended. 
Lovely smiles and laughing hearts
This is the eCare Department. We were waiting for the program to begin.
I am with MJ and a guy we just met.
Gebe and MJ enjoying the afternoon heat of the sunshine.
With Ate Shey.
With Valerie
The food were served in buffet. I was NOT following any diet then and wearing my maxi dress, so my tummy and bulges were safe and hidden. I ate a lot like there's no tomorrow. lol
Sunkist beauty beside the pool ;-)
People were really having fun watching each other. lol
I really stayed near the pool until we noticed the sun has set. lol
The pool was not that amazing, but most people were in the mood to get under the sun. Flaunting bodies in sexy bodies were really all around me. Still, I did not go to swim (because I do not know how to swim).
Presenter Number 1 in their climax
eCare Department's Presenter 2 with their highlight ;-D
Presenter 3
There were programs and different games held. Departments vied for best in presentation. I belong to eCare Department, so I cheered loudly for our presenters. All presentations were so entertaining and fun.

We really loved taking pictures more than any other things
I got wet, because someone tried to pull me into the pool.
I love my girls ;-D
I went home early, because there was one incident that happen. It's kinda secret, and most of my followers knew about. I don't want to revive it. It's quite scandalous, and I'm not in the position to tell it to the world ;-D Thanks for dropping by bloggers.

Just me, 

PS thanx to Valerie, Bob, and Gebe for the photos.


  1. Wow never ending summer fun and swimming. That's my kind of thing !


  2. Hello beautiful passes by my blog, I have a prize for you. kisses

  3. Nakakaaliw naman yung mga performers! lalo na yung mga lalaking nakabihis babae. hehe!

  4. cool photos. seems like you always have a great time :D

  5. waaaaaaaaaaah! yung namet na guy sa pic parang call me maybe lang ang peg... ankulet ng mga participants ...

    anyway may napansin ako ... gnada ng smile mo:)

  6. You are so sweet all times :)

    Have a great week!


    New post - Bonton Look!

  7. nice pics...

    napadalaw lang po! :)

    good day!

  8. hello Ms. Phioxee ..thanks for the greeting on our cupcake party ...saan po located ang Sta. Monica beach resort ???

  9. Thank youuuuuuu!

    Have a great day!


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    Thanks for dropping by to my blog!
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  11. ti seguo con molto piacere...

  12. Great pics ^^
    Thank u for ur comment in my blog
    Maybe we can follow each other?
    Let me know what u think ^^


  13. Great pictures and great dress!!!

    I started to follow you, do you follow each other?

    A lot of kisses, Marina. XXX

  14. Love all that pictures! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  15. are you from the philippines? love your country been last year in palawan and want to see more.
    nice pics
    following you and hope you will follow back
    kisses from italy


  16. looks fun sis! first time to visit your blog.

    see you around.

  17. hi! you seem to have so much fun in all your photos.. by the way, I'm following you now on GFC. Go Pinay! and happy blogging :)

  18. Looks like you had a great time! Fun-filled! Ganda din ng place!

  19. Seems like you had a nice time, I love our dress!

  20. Hello! I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award! Check out the link to see my post about it :D


  21. Great idea!!! looks amazing!!!
    kisses pretty!

  22. It looks like you have a lot of fun :)
    Love your pictures...

  23. Look very funny ;)! great pictures !

  24. What a wonderful pics! I love all of them!


  25. looks like lots of fun! presenter 3 must have been very entertaining :D

  26. Really nice pictures!!! I love your blog! A big kiss from Spain!!

  27. you had so much fun! those are awesome pictures...

    about the ebooks, you may get them from or you may check for something that you specifically want. much as I'd like to share, I don't have anything to share that belongs to me... :D followed you by the way..

  28. awwwwwwwww...that was super fun indeed! I so love your sundress...very cute!

  29. Gorgeous photos! How fun!!!

    Happy Weekending!

  30. winner ang mga presentation! kalowka! it seems everyone really had fun!

  31. looks like a fun-filled day! I love your outfit! ^◡^

    P.S. Thanks for your cool comment on our blog. How about following each other? ^◡^


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