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Bravo Golf Resort & Spa - My Ohana Summer

"Ohana" means family - extended family in Hawaiian culture. Why Ohana Summer? 'Coz it was the first summer outing that I felt more comfortable and much closer with my colleagues in the office. Our company wanted us to feel that we're family.
Bravo Golf Resort & Spa


I am not quite friendly, because I AM shy. YES, I am SHY! This was the second summer outing I joined, first was the last year. Click HERE.
Our Hawaiian summer concept.
Our company's summer outing was held at Bravo Golf Resort & Spa. The resort was formerly known as Dumaguete Golf and Country Club. It's located in San Antonio, Sibulan, Negros Oriental Philippiness. The place is only 6 km from Dumaguete City. It's known to be one of the earliest golf courses to be built in the country since 1945 designed by Don Serafin Teves and Simplicio Manictic (English professor at Siliman University). 

Dumaguete Golf and Country Club
Bravo Golf Resort & Spa
Here is your route in case you intend to visit Bravo Golf Course Resort & Spa:

Book a flight from YOUR AREA to MANILA (Philippine capital
Take a cab/van/jeep from Dumaguete City
Take a cab/motorcycle/pedicab from Sibulan
San Antonio at Bravo Golf Course Resort & Spa 
We have our own motorcycle - mine is named Titan - so we arrived at the resort before the program started. We registered and got ourselves a place near the poolside. We took a lot pictures and had so much fun. We waited for lunch to be served.
Let's begin the Hawaiian Summer Party
With girlfriends and gayfriends ;-)
Janet, Valerie, and Me
Me and blogger Grah
Alas! Lunch was ready, because tummies were growling. The food were good and tasty. We didn't have a diet plan, so we almost ransacked the buffet table while laughing.
Food Food Food ;-D
While eating, programs and games were ongoing.  Departments were vying for the best performer of the day. We had to cheer our own presenters. 
The program started with a band.
Girls friends.

Our department's presenters.
And, they got these scores. They didn't won, but that's okay.
After lunch, different games were stared. I joined the Team Volley Balloon. We won in the contest, and I got myself a Gift Cert - exchange it for a hairdryer. 
That'sus on the other court.
Here's my prize ;-)
 The band still continue to play, and everyone else still continue to eat. But my group wanted to go to the pool and drink.
This one is a good beer. I thought I only want a Red Horse.
The band still continue to play while everybody else continue to eat, me and my friends decided to go to the poolside to relax and drink. Even under the scorching heat of the sun, we really did have fun.
Of course, the fun would definitely starts in picture-taking.
My girls ready to hit the pool.
The day was really good. Even in the washroom, we did have fun.We took alot of pictures gigling and laughing.
Big girls. Yes, we are!

We did alot of picture-taking. There could maybe at least five shots in one pose. lol
How could you resist with that blue clean water?
MJ, Paulalei, and Me ;-) posing for Valerie, but Bob got us a better shot. So, I grabbed this one.
Everytime someone would shot, "Picture Picture", everyone would automatically got a perfect pose or a wide smile at the camera.
Valerie and Me zoomed out shot by Bob
Swim Swim Swim, then, Drink Drink Drink :-D
We really had fun picture-taking. It was actually the most enjoyable activity we did, but it was one of the reason why I almost got drawned. Bob (our supervisor) was taking snapshots for everybody. He was about to take Grah and Valerie a quick shot on the otherside of the pool, when I saw them. I plunged into the water untill I was in the 9-feet area. I didn't know how to swim, but amazingly got that far, just to join Grah and Val. The shot was finished, and realization striked me that I'm no swimmer and what am I doing in this 9-feet pool. I panicked, and submerged into the water unwillingly. For five seconds, I couldn't breathe, but prayed to God to give me strength to at least get some help. Obviously, no one noticed that I was drowning until I let a yelp sound. MJ, a close friend of mind, noticed that faint sound, and she's actually the only person knew that I cannot swim.
Thank God I shared to this wonderful friend that I didn't know how to swim.
I was saved by Paulalei. He's such a good swimmer. He plunged into the water right after seeing me. We decided to get home after that incident. It's also almost 5:00 PM, and stories about how enchanted the place started. I didn't want to hear about it anymore. I was really scared. God spared me another chance to live. I was so thankful.

Before drowning

Thank you for listening bloggers. I hope you had a great weekend. 

Just me, 


  1. Sounds like you guys had lots of fun there! Great pictures, by the way!

  2. Wow, you really had a great time! :) I love the color of the pool.
    Thanks btw way for dropping. Same with my sister! She loves daniel padilla.

    Gian by Design

  3. Hi darling and thanks for your comment. That resort looks awesome. Let's follow each other? :)

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  4. Looks like you had such a great time :3!! Party bug!?
    Would you like to follow each other?

    xxx, Lara

  5. i still perfectly remember those old days. I miss MJ...:(


  6. sad to hear about the drowning incident and glad you were saved, :-) Nevertheless I love your smiling face and your pretty sweet smile :-) your poses showed you had a great time, nothing like happy moments with real friends...would love to visit the place one sweet day...blessed Monday :D

  7. the disadvantage of working alone at home is that I miss company trips like this. :(

  8. This resort is so awesome!

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  9. magsalita ako ng Filipino ha.

    wow naman, kaseksi :)

    maraming salamat po sa inyong pagdaan sa aking pahina. muli sana kitang makita.

    pinalo po kita at idinagdag sa listahan :)

    gandang araw sa inyo ^^

  10. Hello my dear,

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  12. i miss company outing.. officemates pala kau ni xoxo grah?hehe..sarap mag-dive sa pool kahit hindi ako marunong lumangoy hehehe..

    1. actually, yan ginawa ko, kaya yung nalunod. hahaha

  13. Such a GORGEOUS resort! I wish the company I worked for treated me to something like that. hahaha You look great and glad you had an awesome time! I want to go to Hawaii!!! It's so beautiful!

  14. ang saya nman naman ng company outing :) with hot chix

  15. wow this looks so amazingly fun!The pictures are so gorgeous :)

  16. cute pictures! the resort looks AMAZING! Looks like you all had a blast!

    XO, Pear

  17. The resort looks fantastic! I am so jealous!!!!

    Happy Tuesday!

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  19. shy ka p tlga sa peg na yan hahahaah ...ang hot nmn ni kuya at sympre kaw :)

  20. at next time mgdala ng buntot para di malunod ha :)

  21. Oh, a summer-themed party in September? Ang cool naman. It's good that you were blessed with a good weather. Otherwise, ruined ang summer-themed party hehehe. I guess hindi yan puwedeng gawin yan in my side of the country, it's been raining here.

    Btw, ang crisp ng photos.

    Thanks so much for dropping in at my blog. Naappreciate ko.

  22. Looks like a perfect vacation! That pool looks amazing :)

  23. Great post!!!

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