Monday, June 4, 2012

Bambulo Resort - Facilities and Amenities

Looking for relaxation, fun, and indulgence? Bambulo Resort can be the right place you guys are looking for. It is where kids can enjoy while adults can relax.
Aside from the cool green environment that soothes your eyes, musical chirping of the bird will definitely entertains your ears. Such a relaxing place! They have mini-bar that offers various refreshments. They have imported wines and drinks - down from the local Red Horse beer to Jack Daniels. There are lot of choices that can surely satiate your thirst. Wine connoisseur can choose among different brands of wines. Delectable foods and menus are serve in affordable rates. 
Bamboo Trees
Mini Bar
Green surrounding
Another pride of the resort is their Mini-golf course. For as low as Php 50.00, you can play golf among your friends. You don't have to go to Angtay or Bravo Golf course to enjoy the game.
Let's play golf!
Know how to play it?
I didn't know what this was until I asked the waiter
I really do not know what to call these area
Golf workers with their hand marks
While young and adults can relax the whole day, kids can certainly play and enjoy as well. The resort has a big 2 feet kiddie pool. With that depth, drowning will never be your worry. They will surely enjoy the super towering water fountain in the middle of the pool. The owner has a 5-year old toddler, so the place favors more on having a big kiddie pool. 
Kiddie pool is wider than the Adult pool
Yes, it's me at the kiddie pool.
Kids Playing the pool (Photo taken by Marie Ann Atillo-April, 2012)
Me at the Adult Pool (can't swim)
too wide for me
Short slide
Above the kiddie pool, situated a 5 feet to 9 feet deep adult pool. It's quite small and not suitable for diving though. It has a short and wide slide that teenagers and even adults can enjoy.
Oh La la la
They also have bubbly Jacuzzi where both kids and adults can join altogether. It has beautiful lighting with relaxing sound of the nature at the background. It is an enclosed area, so no worries about getting cold.
Marie Anne Atillo holding her toddler ( Just to show you guys it's safe here)
Relaxing ambiance
After swimming, kids can also use the playground. They can also see various breeds of birds housed by the resort. I am more attracted with the different colors of the birds. There were red, blue, yellow, and brown birds inside their big cages. I was not able to ask for the names of these birds though. The black ones were quite disturbing, and they really looked like vultures.
Green little birds
Blue big bird (it turns blue under sunlight)
It just looks like a duck, but it's a bird
Red birds
Bambulo Resort
You'll really never regret coming to Bambulo Resort!

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  1. Lovely posts ^^ I wanna go on holiday hehe ^^

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