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Bambulo - Sumptuous Food

After I posted my Bambulo Experience last April, most of my friends got curious about the place.  My inbox has been flagged with private messages about the foods and menus of the restaurant. So to provide them with updated prices and rates, I invited one of my badminton buddies to lunch at Bambulo Restaurant. We invited another friend for more fun, and the three us head off to Bacong with growling tummy.
Bambulo Restaurant
Though the sun was up, the weather was still windy and gloomy. Along the road, Bamboo Trees looked like dancing and swaying as we passed by. They seemed please to welcome me back at the place.
Me in my sport's attire lol
With Grah, my Badminton buddy
I didn't mind wearing a sport's attire when we got to the place since I didn't have plan to swim. All I wanted was to eat real foods after 3-hour of smashing (I play Badminton).
Ready to Eat
With Grah and Randi
The place didn't change much since the last time I was here. But Bambulo is now known as Bambulo Resort. The mini-golf course I've mentioned on my Bambulo –A Discovery post, was now fully functional in cheaper rates per game. I finally took pictures of the area this time. The management already imposed an entrance fee starting May, 2012. The fee is consumable anyway, so you can choose anything on the menu for $2.00 (150.00 Php).
150.00 Php only
Bambulo always has its specials of the week. Featured this week was Roasted Pork either with spaetzle or mashed potato. Posted in green board with colorful chalks, it welcomes the guest. The food prices ranges from 100.00-300.00 Php. In affordable rates, you would already have a sumptuous meal. The prices were compensated with large servings, not to mention the sophisticated presentation of the plating. Two things I could say - superb and excellent!
Menu Board for the Specials of the Week
Complimentary Food

Basket of  Chicken Nuggets for 150.00 Php
Chicken Cordon Bleu for 180.00 Php
Grilled Blue Marlin for 160.00 Php
Fried Kangkong (Photo Taken By blogger Joselle Amahit)

Pork Adobo (Photo taken by Marie Anne Atillo)
I ordered Basket of Nuggets, because I like the beautiful basket. I was so full having eaten all of them by myself. Each nugget was 100% chicken. The dips made it more tastier. I super love the dips. 
Bambulo Steak
Bambulo Express
Chop Suey
Lemon Chicken
Pork Adobo

Cream Soup
My friend, Grah, barely touched the cup of rice, but was able to consume her Chicken Cordon Blue. It was so sizable that you would mistakenly think it's a big burger patty. The chicken was so tender with its juicy ham. Randi decided to go for fish this time. He ordered Grilled Blue Marlin ( we didn't really know if its Marlin or Tuna). Pardon me, but I really couldn't make out the taste, but one thing is for sure. It has Olive oil on it. The grilled Marlin has something sour seasoning on it. Anyway, it tasted good though not a typical Filipino style taste. 
Main Course for this week
They also have beverages and drinks that surely quench your thirst. Since I am conscious with my health this time, I defied Soda. I chose Calamansi (Lemon) Juice. My friends both love Avocado Shakes, and so they got what they wanted.
Calamansi Juice for 25.00 Php
Avocado Shake that looks like Mango for 60.00 Php
Coconut Milkshake (Photo taken by blogger Joselle Amahit)
Orange Juices (Photo taken by blogger Joselle Amahit)
Ice tea (Photo taken by blogger Joselle Amahit
We did not order any dessert, because we were really full. We're too excited to roam around the place and see the Mini-Golf course area. I was amazed that there's more to explorer in Bambulo. No doubt they change it from a restaurant to a resort. Nevertheless, here are some desserts you can order at Bambulo. All photos are taken by Joselle Amahit on her Return to Bambulo post.
Leche Flan for only 30.00 Php
BIGGER pix for drooling pleasure according to Joselle Amahit
Maja Blanca with cherry? Yes.
Bambulo will be hosting a dinner buffet this June 7 and 8, 2012. It will start at 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM (but can be extended). The resort will be exclusively used by those who will avail for the buffet. You can also use the pool if you choose to be a guest. So, what are you guys waiting for?! Be a guest, be listed! 

Just me, 

PS. Please don't miss my next post about Bambulo's amenities.

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