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Manjuyod White Sandbar - A Perfect Valentine Group Date

Valentine's Day is coming. I love to be with a partner on a date, but I usually prefer to be in a group date. I find it more fun and cool. My mother often told me before that you would get to know a person when he's surrounded with his friends and families. That I can never forget from my mom. And that is often true.
Sumapao Shoal during low tide - source Google

I'm gonna show you one of my barkada outings. We had it in Manjuyod White Sandbar, also known as Sumapao Shoal. This prestine 7-km long white sandbar is technically under Manjuyod municipality but it's more popularly associated with Bais City for its dolphin and whale watching activities.
Sumapao Shoal during high tide
Lemme give you some snapshots I had way back 2010. This is the first thing that came to my mind when I was looking for the right post for Valentine's Day. 
Meeting place while waiting for our rented coaster bus
coaster bus for hire
I'd like to give about the How to get there information, but I can no longer remember it. Just go to Bais City Office or call (035)-5161/402-8174 for booking information.
With Max, Redan, and Rose
I've already known these guys before Max and I decided to be together.
Ready for a boat ride
The boat rate is around Php 2, 500 for a group of 15 and Php 3,000 for a group of 20. This is a boat rental rate for an entire day use. You can definitely negotiate if you stay overnight.
Going to White Sandbar
While on our way to Sumapao Shoal, dolphins are chasing our boat. You don't have to feed to attract their attention. They're just too friendly to show up. One of our boatmen has his whistle. That might be one way of calling these friendly water creatures. 
Before you reach Sumapao Shoal, you can definitely ask your boatmen to slowly traverse your boat from the Bay towards TaƱon Strait.
Life jackets for safety purposes
Unfortunately, I'm not yet a travel blogger then, so I'm not yet fond of taking photos of the places and events.
Relaxing at the cottage
Sumapao Shoal has four cottages. Even until now, cottages are available for day and overnight rental. If you wanted to go overnight, you have to negotiate with your boatmen. I believe the cottage rental would be around Php 1,500. 
We grilled and prepared food in the cottage. The boatmen have their own baon, but definitely you can share them with your drinks.
Our humble lunch at Manjuyod White Sandbar
fun at lunch
The sandbar is best during morning and early afternoon. High tide is more preferable, because you wouldn't like swimming in that deep blue-green water outside the sandbar.
Manjuyod White Sandbar
This sandbar is much more amazing than the sandbar in Sumilon. HERE for Sumilon photos and getaway tip.
Sumapao Shoal or Manjuyod Sandbar
Hide Tide in Manjuyod White Sandbar
Group date at Manjuyod White Sandbar
Love is unconditional, but remember relationships are not.
This is Max, my boyfriend for three years now.
This is actually our first getaway together as a couple. I only have three trips with him, but this is the first and memorable one.

Our relationship has lot of ups and down. Recently, we've almost lost each other, but I guess love works in a mysterious way. We always end up with each other. I believe that love is not enough for a relationship to last. Friendship, trust, and deep respect are necessary to make it last forever. Happy Valentines Day!

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  1. yay! so sweet!...i love the sand bar but I love the love...hahaha


    1. Ahem. Seems like boto naka niya. Anywy thanx dai

  2. Sobrang ganda ng place... It's like a paradise... may near ba na hotel accommodation?

    1. Wala eh. Nasa gitna kasi sya ng dagat. Parang me malaking bato lang na nakausli tapos as time goes by me white sand na naipon sa ibabaw. Super deep kasi nung water ourside the sandbar

  3. sa wakas.. pinakita din ang mukha ni bf sa blog.. di na sya anonymous.. hahaha.. ang sweet..isa that for happy for you friend..:)
    _bagong bahay

  4. You saw dolphins? How cool!
    Cute pics o you and your boyfriend :)
    x, Lara

  5. Such a beautiful place, my dear.



  6. ganda ng place!!!

    your right! Love and respect is a must have in a relationship. :D

  7. Love your underwater pic with your beloved. Ang ganda ganda nung water. Sarap magswim. Kakarelax ng bonga

  8. Lovely photos! The perfect place for valentine's day! The water is so crystalline and blue! I want to go there! (Especially with the terrible weather back here in europe!!) Group valentine day trips are the best! Love the underwater pic of you and Max! I've also had loads of ups and downs with my boyfriend, but like you said, friendship, respect and trust are the most important and what makes things work out.
    Take care and have a great valentine's day!

  9. So many beautiful young people what a lovely post. Is it from the Philippines? Gorgeous water and that sandbar is spectacular. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  10. Love is in the water, love is in the air... (Collective Soul) :)

  11. The place is so nice. Ang ganda ng idea ng cottage sa gitna ng dagat :)

  12. Ganda naman dyan! Nice to see you having fun with barkadas and your boyfriend:)
    Have a continuing love walk:)

  13. I really love the photos! Seems like you had some memorable days :o And the place seems like a paradise

  14. This place is amazing ! The water and the sand. I would prefer to stay just for the day due to the fact that staying overnight would kinda freak me out being in the middle of an ocean and no nothing 10 feet near me. It is hard to be in a relationship that last that long so kudos to you guys. And you look great together by the way. By the way fur in my sweater were not real. I would rather wear fake furs than knowing an animal was hurt during the process. Have a great V- Day !!!!!!


  15. sarap namang ng group date nu haha

    ganda ng sand pati ung tubig ee clear na clear

    nice ung sinabi ng mama mo ahh
    tama naman talaga yun

  16. ganda ng place.... sarap puntahan.....

    astig ang mga photos... ^^ thanks sa pag share sa amin... ^^

  17. wow, wanderess! :)) lovely photos! You all look so good and happy together. I love your mom's advice. I think it is true. I have read a travel advice just this day and it says, go back to your favorite place but with your best friends this time. (not exactly said like that but close enough) THanks for visiting my blog and for the birthday greeting!

  18. The place is perfect for valentines and I guess I agree with your mom advice:)

    Minsan may pag ka abnormal din ako I prefer going out with a group of friends kaya yong jowa ko di ako maintindahan hahaha:) dahil wala sya magawa so follow nalang sya:)

    Kudos for you guys...3 years! and wishing both of you more love!

  19. Haha it sounds so fun. I never heard of it till now. The photos are so beautiful and yeah you all seem having much fun!!
    Aree With Umbrella

  20. Ang aga mong bumati ng Valentines ah. You introduced me to another beautiful place again. Idagdag ko ito sa mga listahan ng mga lugar na gusto kong puntahan.

    Ups and downs. Kasali talaga iyan sa relationship. Ang mahalaga ay maging matibay kayo sa isa't isa lalo na sa panahon na may hindi pagkakasunduan.

  21. yay so sweet naman... (inggetera lang!)
    Ang saya naman ng group date ninyo... (inggetera ulit!) hahahaha

  22. Nakakakilabot yung picture nung sa lowtide! hahaha!

  23. wow! i love that sand bar.. take me there ah pag nagpunta ako jan :) finally may picture na rin si boyfriend with you.. happy valentines day sis! ♥

  24. Very pristine naman ng looks ng Sumapao Shoal :)) Sana Ate Phioxee, napiktyuran nyo din yung mga dolphins na humahabol sa boat nyo. Great shots btw!

  25. ang sweet naman :D ang saya talaga kapag kasama ang barkada :D

  26. Wow! This would be the ideal place for valentines! That is just gorgeous!

  27. Nice pre-Valentine post Phioxee! We wish you more good years together. ^◡^

    Ang ganda ng beach! Kainggit!
    Tama ka mas masaya kapag group outing at mas matipid pa! hehehe! ^◡^


  28. Have a great week,



    Share your awesome looks on

  29. parang ang sweet tuloy nung lugar..

    kasi sweet yung final words .. hehehe

    pero imperness mukang maganda yung lugar. :D

  30. Nakakamiss mag swimming with friends..miss those kind of days..
    Pinaka masayang part is kainan ng nakakamay1

  31. Happy Valentines Phioxee!
    Lovely couple:) and lovely place:)

  32. They have something like this in Caramoan too. It's cool to be swimming in a waist-deep water in the middle of the sea.

    I was supposed to go here when I went to Dumaguete a year ago, unfortunately, I didn't have much time so I skipped it. Maybe next time. :-)

  33. Gusto ko din mag-beach-beach :) and syempre masaya talaga kapag kasama ang lab-lab sa mga trips.

    I wish you both well on your relationship and keep hanging in there, kahit magkaaway, hanggat walang bumibitaw, tuloy ang ligaya!

  34. Woah. Ang ganda talaga ng lugar namin. Sa manjuyod yan!.. Hahaha.. I'd prefer if you associate it with Manjuyod more than Bais... But you've got nice pictures there... Love it. Please like the link sa facebook kasi, ilalagay ko blogspot mo dun dahil sa pagfeature mo dito.. Nice to stumble your blog... could we exchange links?
    FB page:


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