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Boracay Island Hopping

This will be my last post about Boracay Island. I just wanted to share some more beautiful spots other than the white sand beach in the island. 
Island Hopping
Island hopping is definitely one of the most popular activity in Boracay. In an affordable price rate, you can get a one day tour. On our third day in Boracay, we cruise the sea in a local banca boat for our island hopping. We didn't haggle with the boatmen, because we thought it's only a waste of time. We didn't know what's affordable or expensive anyway.
Friends in Boracay Island
These are the latest rate for island hopping in Boracay Island:
2,200 PHP for 1-6 Persons
plus 200 PHP per person entrance fees

2,700 PHP for 7-10 Persons
plus 200 PHP per person entrance fees

Island Hopping in Boracay Island
Our boatmen told us that since there's a monsoon at that time, we would be able to get in Puka Beach. Instead, we sailed to Ilig Iligan Beach. It's located in the northeast side of Boracay Island. There are numerous famous beaches in Boracay Island where you can have a more quiet ambiance of the white sand. 
Our options are the beaches
1.Puka Shell - in northern part, where most of the beautiful shells can be found.
2.Bulabog - has a perfect conditions for wind surfing and kiting, especially during November or May of the year.
4.Diwinid - which is the little hidden beach of Boracay Island.
5.Balinghai -  known as the pearl of the pearls at Boracay Island.
6.Ilig Iligan -  located in northest side, and very few people find this beach, so it offers a quiet relaxing hide away.
Ilig Iligan Beach
We chose to dock and had lunch in Ilig Iligan Beach. We actually preferred Puka Shell Beach, but the boatmen said that's a monsoon or habagat.
Lunch at Ilig Iligan Beach
We had a sumptuous lunch and enjoy the small souvenir stalls in the beach. We bought key-chains, customized magnets, and t-shirts for friends and love ones in Dumaguete City. Then, we continued our island hopping.
approaching to Crocodile Island
Crocodile Island
 The area near the crocodile island is the favorite destination for snorkeling and fish-feeding. You wouldn't dare take a fish or else you'll be fined with Php 1500 for each fish you would get.
ready for snorkeling
Wearing a life vest is a must. Life vest and snorkel gadgets are provided for fees anyway, so nothing to worry about.

The next destination is the Crystal Cove cave exploration. The sign board "Welcome to Crystal Cove" would meet you. The entrance fee is Php 200.00 each, which include the unlimited stay and used of the facilities. There are two caves to explore in Crystal Cove.
getting near Crystal Cove
Crystal Cove Island
After the fun-tiring island hopping, we enjoyed the relaxing swimming pool of Le Soleil de Boracay. We toured the island once again and bought some pasalubong. We also enjoyed the fire dancing and night life activities in Boracay once again.

The next day was our last day in Boracay Island. We packed our things, and checked the three stations of the island once again.
Friends at Boracay Island
We went home, and stopped in Ilo-Ilo City. I'd like to share our fun and memories in Ilo-Ilo City, but I think I have to explore more of the city before I post it here. Thank you for following all my Boracay Island posts. 

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  1. Gorgeous pictures :) Amazing place that I would love to visit, for sure :)

  2. haha naku naman kay ganda naman talaga ng boracay ee
    ang tanging white sand na napuntahan ko pa lang ee battangas haha
    at ang layo nya sa borac, well sa cheap na resort kasi kame
    nagpunta hahah

    kahit di ako mahilig sa dagat naiigit talaga ko dito haha
    at lalo na dyan sa dessert na yan,
    at pinost mo pa talaga uli para inggitin kame ahh hahaha

  3. namiss ko ang bora sa series post mo na to... kayo na talaga ang mayaman at di na nakipag-haggle sa price ng island hopping hehehe...

    1. Ang gulo gulo kasi ng mga broker sis. At nasa kabilang side pa ata kami ng bora nung time na yun kasi nga iba yung panahon.

  4. Bora is really a paradise!

    Nagulat naman ako sa last pic... may flesh na nakabalandra!

    mukhang yummy si bf ha...buti na lang taga-south siya kung hindi, makiki-agaw ako... LOL

  5. Woah amazing trip . These beaches are totally splendid .
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  6. Uy Boracay. Iba pa rin ang Boracay kahit ano pa sabihin ng ibang tao na kesyo commercialized na or populated. Well, kanya kanya lang yan. Pero nainlove talaga ako sa Boracay. Twice pa lang ako nakakapunta at gusto ko na uling bumalik. Tagal na nung huli. Thanks for sharing this photos, naaalala ko rin nung nag boating kami dyan ng wife ko. :)

  7. wow...lovely place! I would like to visit it!!!!!
    fantastic post!
    a big kiss from Italy!!!!

  8. miss snorkeling, your post is making me wish to go back there, so love that last shot of you :)wish i can wear two piece too :) haha!!

  9. Ang ganda talaga sa dagat mag muni muni pero takot talaga ako sa dagat. Abng daming nakakatakot kasi. Pero Walking by the beach, bonfire and sunset are the best things I can definitely enjoy by the sea.

    AT yung banana split.. ARGhhh? ganun kalaki? wow

  10. Gusto ko na talagang pumunta ng Boracay! Hopefully when I go back sa Pinas ay makabisita na ako d'yan at makapag-island hopping gaya ng ginawa ninyo.

  11. pang FHM yung last pic. :p

    Grabe ang mahal lang nung fine pag nagnenok ka ng fish :p

  12. i knew you would post the last photo indai...i would love to do island crockie island...:)


  13. I love your blog! It's great :) Feel free to my blog :)) Maybe, you follow my blog ? ♥ (If you like it)

  14. Nainggit ako sa Island hopping niyo!

  15. yay lapit na summer.. sarap na rito..

  16. Looks fun. Na-excite tuloy ako sa Boracay side-trip namin this April. :-)

  17. Huling bugso ng Bora escapade! Ang lamig lalo't napainit ngayon dito sa Maynila, ganitong mga larawan ang ansarap titigan :D Si Bf mo, kahawig siya ng fren ko na clasmate ko nung hayskul ako na gay

  18. You are an island queen. I read many posts of you about islands. Your so lucky to get such beautiful places :D Fun photos , I really enjoyed them :)
    Aree With Umbrella

  19. Great photos dear! You said you've always wanted to go to Tagaytay but I'd rather go to Boracay. Hehe. I've never actually been there and it's great to see such nice photos of the place and know what you can do there. :)


  20. I like that they fine you if you fish! I think we're harming the environment enough as it is. And that fruit salad... That had to be so delicious!!:D

  21. Thumbs up! Ganda naman ng mga shots nyo sa Boracay.. Ganda talaga ng place! Linaw ng tubig..Sarap magbabad.. (especially sa summer)..
    Anyway, one day i do hope marating ko din yan!!

  22. Just one correction, which I hope you wouldn't mind. There's actually no beach in Boracay called Balabag. You might be referring to the 4 km White Beach, which is the most famous among all the beaches.

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  24. ove every part of your island hopping adventure. it's even more beautiful than I remember it to really have some lovely friends, sis. i soo love your bonding time! :)

  25. Sooo pretty pics and what an adventure. Ang lunch sa island hopping kasama na ba sa island hopping na rates or hindi pa? More or less magkano ba ang lunch? Fruit salad looks sooo yummy!! Saan ba yan sa horacay?

    1. Ay di pa kasama yung lunch don sa rate :-(


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