Monday, November 26, 2012

Masskara Festival 2012 - Fullybooked hotels

Thank you guys for reading my Masskara Festival 2011 post. As I've said, it wasn't a total blast, and it made me want more. I promised myself to join Masskara Festival this year, and God has been good. He provided me with everything at once - vacation leave from work, enough money, and amazing companies. 
life's really good in Bacolod City
Masskara Festival 2012 has a theme "Life's Good in Bacolod." Unlike its history, Bacolod City has grown to be one of the economic giants in the Philippines. According to Mr. Wikipedia, it's ranked no. 1 by MoneySense Magazine as "Best Place to Live in the Philippines." Wow! I didn't know this until I search the net. The city has a big land area, and recently, its business and tourism sectors are really booming. The theme is apt to describe the City of Smile these days. MoneySense, by the way, is a Filipino personal finance magazin published by MoneyTree Publishing Corp.
After an hour rest, we went to SM Bacolod City mall.

I spent four nights for Masskara Festival 2012.
  • an overnight bound for Bacolod City 
  • two night outs with party people
  • another overnight ride home
We arrived in Bacolod City at 6:00 AM. We haven't booked any hotels, because two months before Masskara Festival, all hotels I contacted with were all fully-booked. We rode in a taxi cab. Unfortunately, he deceived us. We were speaking in Bisaya (a dialect in Dumaguete City), so he knew we’re not from that place. But that’s okay with us.

We roamed around the entire city stopping for a vacant hotel, but all were fully booked. I convinced them to stop in familiar food chain, so we could have breakfast. The taxi driver looked dismayed, because he was really eager to roam us around for his benefit. Our morning went well, but not perfect. We spent half day looking for a vacant hotel. Hotels in the city were fully-booked, especially in Lacson Street, where you found the street party. Our options were resorts outside the city. Expensive room rates were no longer our issue. As long as we won't end up sleeping in the streets, we would go for it. 
the sofa's not really that beautiful, but when you're tired? it's gonna be enticing. (lol exaj mode)
This are our beds. Manong Sherwin occopies the big one and me the small one.
The room is spacious.
Thank you so much, Check Inn hotel. All hotels were fully-book, because Bacolod is also hosting UNIvercity Game (UNIGAMES). Delegates and athletes from all around the country are staying in the city for a week.
This is Dos Palmar resort. We're four in a group, but our two friends are lovers, and they wanted to check in here. The place is really beautiful, but me and manong Sherwin don't want to spend our nights sleeping. That's gonna be boring. The resort is 10 km from the city/.
View from their room.
The place is really good for couples, but for the sake of pictorials, she post for emo mode. yikes!
It was almost 1:00 PM when we reached downtown just by walking. A familiar hotel caught my attention. I made a call a month ago, and they told me if I'd like to be put on their waitlist, but I declined. We decided to inquire even a big sign of FULLY-BOOKED was hanging outside their door. It was indeed fully-booked. Their lobby sofa was so enticing. Manong Sherwin asked me if I was okay, because I looked tired. The six-hour ride from Dumaguete City to Bacolod City was tiresome. I hate travelling night time. Plus, we spent almost three hours walking. Who would be okay if that's the situation. After 20 minutes of composing thoughts sitting the lobby, a miraculous call from the front desk woman telling us their vacant room. We go for it even if it's expensive. We didn't have a choice. 
L'Fisher's brewed coffee saves my afternoon from sleeping.
Of course, SM Bacolod City's theme is Masskara Festival.
There's a display of arts in the mall. The crafty arts are so beautiful. Many tourists post for a snapshot.
Wanna know more about MassKara Festival History? CLICK HERE.
Yuhum - a mask collection made by Jojo Vito. He's a known designer in Bacolod.
This is Maireen posing behind Jo Vito's mask collection.
I was attracted to this building with a cross at the top.
Capturing my photographer and his object.
We rested for an hour. The street dance would start soon, so we have to be ready before then. I'd love to tell you more about it, but it was like any another street dancing competition.
I belong ;-)
I really suggest that you guys experience Masskara Festival by yourself. I will tell you more about it on my next post. I hope I don't bore you with this post.

Just me, 

P.S Thank you to Ryan and Sherwin for the photos. Credit to them.


  1. wow so colorful! The masskaras are beautiful and how i really love emo poses too. hehe. Such a very nice place! i wish i could go and see next time. Looking forward for your next post. ^_^

  2. I'd love to see those colorful masskaras, sayang at ala akong maaya that time. hopefully, next year. ;)

  3. hahaha...nice manang!!!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this phioxee coz if not di ko malaman na may ganitong event dyan sa Pinas at how wonderful to be there.
    By the way, you are so beautiful- I love your hair. Bless you dear!

  5. Grabe, ang laki nun room ninyo ni Manong! Que mahal nga siguro nyan.. Ganda nun masks, pinaka-gusto ko yun bronze na parang shells or kung ano man yun! Binitin mo pa talaga e excited na ko, haha!

  6. grabe..dapat ba 1 year before magpabook na ng hotels para sa maskarra festival? gustong gusto ko talaga makaexperience ng festival..i hope next year magawa ko na yan..

    1. kung gusto mo ng affordable rates at hotels in the heart of the city, book as early as six months. may unigames kasi this year kaya kawawa talaga kami.

  7. i'm so happy you found a place to stay! it's hard when hotels are booked. LOVED all of the masks! gosh they are so pretty! you looked cute!

  8. Luckily may napag stayan pa din kayo :) Ang ganda ng resort with the pool! Did you go swimming? :)

    Terno nga ang bag mo sa couch, ang cute :) At ang ganda nga ng building with the cross :)

    Thanks for sharing - sana ma experience din namin ang Masskara festival! :)

  9. Wow, is that a big Jesus statue over there?
    x, Lara

    1. at the top of the building? uhmm. nvr find out, lara

  10. Ang ganda naman ng mga masskara. Ang colorful :) Sosyal din ng hotel ng pinuntahan nyo. Wait ko ang next post mo. Festival na ba ang susunod? hehe

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  12. wow fully booked na 2 months pa lng? laki ng kita nila kung ganun well maskara festival naman kaya di na nkapagtataka

  13. ayos ha.. hehe.. may nakita ako sinulog fest na post dito sa comment mo oh..hmm.. npapaisip na ko sa cebu trip..

  14. It looks great! Lovely photos! I would love to go there one day! Glad you found a hotel! I know how hard and enjoying it can be when everywhere is fully booked!

  15. Very nice!!

  16. Buti naman nakahanap din kayo ng accomodation after ilang oras ng paglalakad. Ako din papatulan ko na kahit mahal may matulugan lang.

  17. OMG walking for 3 hours you are super brave to do it or no choice at all ! I will be crawling and died, lol. Those mask are so awesome and beautiful ! It does really has so much similarities from Brazil's Carnival. You look great by the way.


  18. Maganda din pla sa Bacolod... I want to experience the maskara festival..

    Anyway, I tag you in my post. Please visit this link na lang..

    1. thanx sa tag meekatuano ;-) ill make an ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS post. parang filipino bloggers lang ata eto. hehehe

  19. If I'm gonna make a bucket list, I'll include attending Philippine Festivals and Celebrations like this, Masskara Festival tsaka yung Dinagyang sa Iloilo at Sinulog sa Cebu! Thanks for this awesome post, makes me really go and visit the city of smile. Ang pretty mo naman, so photogenic!

  20. Hi Miss Phioxee! grabe ikaw na talaga ang Turista of the Year hehe :D

    Ganda talaga ng Masskara Festival!

  21. You seem to a person celebrating life as it comes.. and yes the write up in your profile speaks it…just wish I could be part of this panoramic views.. :P

  22. Weee! Napakakulay ng Masskara Festival ohh, like your blog. :) Parang ang saya saya ng buhay mo miss Phioxee. :)

    BTW, there's no way this post would bore someone. :)

  23. Waaaaaaaaaaa super ganda ng place... I haven't been to Bacolod...
    Super ganda naman ng experience na yan..
    I agree hindi nakakaboring ang post na ito ha!

  24. Dropping by again just to ask you if you mind sending you address sa email ko:
    Just want to send you a greeting from nOrway:)

  25. Hi girl thanks sa pagbisita sa blog ko I appreciate it :). What can I say, You, Joanne and Pink Line kau na ang mga dyosa ng Bloggers :D secondary na lang kami nila Mommy Balut and Gracia ha ha! Nice photos , ganyan nga enjoy nyo lang ang buhay single :)

  26. Nice shots! buti nalang may nakita kayong room! and the room is too big! :3 nice! xD Wish i could experience the festival there! :D


  27. everything is so beautiful! I need to go on a vacation, especially if there are awesome hotels like that!

  28. Wow love the pictures, sana someday when we have enough money makapunta din kami diyan at ng ma experience din nmin ang mascara festival.
    Mahal yang room pero kapag pagod kna at sabi mo nga sobrang stress na sa kalalakad kiber na ang mahal mahal hehehe.

  29. Awesome captures. Again I like the colors! Number 1 pala ang Bacolod! That's good. Sana marating ko din ang Bacolod : )

  30. salamat sa pag share mula sa Bacolod..daming magagandang manok panabong diyan..

  31. Sarap naman d'yan! Anong camera nga pala gamit mo? :)

    1. halo halo po. may kuha ng point n shoot. may 60D at D90.

  32. Ang ganda ng masks! ang saya :D

  33. When I saw this post of yours, i was thinking of SINULOG na! :D hihi nice pictures. :)

    Btw,I am having my first giveaway. :) You might win awesome COSMETIC ORGANIZERS! ^_^
    I am hoping for your participation. ^_^
    Here is the link:
    Thank You so much! :)

    Much Love!

  34. Oh, btw. I followed your blog already :) Hoping you'll follow mine too. :)

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