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Masskara Festival 2011 - Makes me want more!

Masskara Festival is one of the most popular festivities in the Philippines that attracts tourists round the world. It began in the year 1980, when people of Bacolod City suffered from economic crisis due to the low price of sugar. 
This is during the Dance Showdown
The place relied much on their primary product - sugar cane. During that same year, a tragedy happened. A vessel M/V Don Juan boarded with Negrenses (people of Bacolod city) collided with an oil tanker M/T Tacloban City, and sank. Many lives were lost in this tragic accident. CLICK here for the entire story.

The local artists, local governments, and civic groups made an effort to launch the Festival of Smile to enlighten the mood of the people. Masskara Festival is named after these events. It means Mass as Multitude, and Kara as Face. Masskara is a portmanteau coined by the late artist Ely Santiago
sorry for the haggard faces. I look tired. No sleep from a 6-hour bus ride.
I joined Masskara Festival last year, but that was not a total blast. Let me share to you some of the photos of last year's Masskara Festival. I'm planning to make this post a series (bear with me!)

Since, it's my second time in Bacolod City, I urged my friends to stroll in SM City mall. We went malling and bought some stuffs.
Obviously, Masskara Festival is the theme.
And, guess who I bumped with? My Aunt with his boyfriend. lol We went to Bacolod City with our own set of friends and companies. My cousin went too, and we crossed our ways in one of the bars in the city.
We're going to see the Dance Showdown, and forgot to buy pasalubong. Bummer!
This is Max, staring at me. He didn't want me to take candid photos.
This is what he wanted. His undying PEACE hand-sign post.
We made it. We're able to watch the Dance Showndown despite the scorching heat of the sun.
We got home right after. The weather is not that good, but it cooperated anyway. Thanks to those cloud-breakers.
This is Max, Mark, and Kirby. Please notice the PEACE hand-sign, AGAIN! They're setting up the tables.These three are working in a bar in Bacolod City. Kirby's the owner, and Lacson St. is where the street party situated.
This is Paul. The PEACE hand-sign AGAIN! Honestly, I just noticed it now when uploading the photos here on blog.
I am waiting for the Electrical Parade to start. It's coming on my way.
Finally! I got a closer look.
Rides are decorated with different lights and shining decors. Lacson street is illuminated with glittering parade.
Sponsors also have their own float. This one is from an oil company.
This one is from a liniment maker. I took a shot, because it's a big float.
I love the fancy decors.
Max (with his PEACE hand-sign), Paul, and forgot the name. lol
Paul with the street party peeps.
Krishna and Kirby. They're actually exhausted. WE are all exhausted.
Me and Tita Josephine (kirby's mother).
This is iBar, where my friend worked, and where we stay. lol
I stayed three days in Bacolod City for Masskara Festival 2011, but I didn't really get the chance to roam around the city. I didn't even visit any clubs or bars, because my friends are ever loyal to their own.They didn't want to spend a penny to buy a beer in other bars. 

I'd like to tell you more about my stay in Bacolod City last year. I'd like to tell you how I almost fainted riding Galeon the first time, but I don't want to bore you with photos and long post. Till then readers and bloggers. Thank you so much for your visit. Please leave your marks. I will be posting Masskara Festival 2012 after this one.

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  2. Looks like it was a fun festival! Love all the bright colors!

  3. What a fun festival, it's very similar to the festival in Brazil called the Carnival ! What's up with the peace sign, lol. Thanks for sharing with us.


  4. You're so lucky dami mong festival na napupuntahan. Loser ako di pa ako nakakaattend ng Masskara Fest. Ui bagay kayo ni Max. lol dyuk! :P

  5. balang araw madadayo ko rin yang bacolod at ang kanilang maskara festival. pero kelan naman yon dba? =.="

  6. Great pictures . Seems you had a lot of fun :) I always love festivals and fairs . This is too traditional :D
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  7. SUPER fun. Ow, the floating thing looks cool!
    x, Lara

  8. Looks like a great festival! I love reading posts like this (about different countries)
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  9. Nice pics!!!!
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  10. It's really surprising. And yes, this is a great idea to boost not only the morale of the people but also the economy.

    It's like Carnevale in Venice and the festive Carnival in Brasil.

    I've never heard about this before. But it's nice to know that, even if it's not as extravagant and flamboyant as that of Brazil and even if it's not as glamorous as that of Venice, at least we have a festival of explosive artistry and fun!

    Looking forward to the 2012 festival!

  11. Captivating, exciting, and fun-filled experience. Ganda siguro kung na-capture nyo din sa video. Saya talaga ng mga festivities sa Pinas! Thumbs up!

  12. I have not seen your photos of this last year...i'm excited for this year's masskara...:)


  13. the costumes and masks are truly amazing! so gorgeous and colorful :) i love your dress!!!

  14. I have never been to Bacolod. I heard a lot about the Masskara celebration and how entertaining this one is. You sure captured the joy in that event. Thanks for sharing. :)

  15. ganda ng mga costume....hindi tipid ang paggasto..

  16. ang saya at ganda naman! sana maka punta din ako sa Masskara festival :)

    undying nga ang peace sign ni Max! matry nga ang peace sign na yan! :)

  17. bonggang festival ^^
    at ang creative ng mga gawa :D

  18. Salanat sa pag share. At least nakita ko ang mascsra festival dahil sa yo. Creative talaga mga pinoy:)

  19. Natawa naman ako sa undying peace sign, kaya nagalit siya sa stolen pic, hindi siya nakapag-peace sign, hehe!

    Gusto ko din ma-experience ang Masskara festival! Ganda!!

  20. mukang masaya . Gusto ko ding maexperience yan.

    Work of art ang mga maskara :)

  21. wow 1980 papala yan nag simula tagal na din pala nu
    ganda nung mga float lalo ung malaki ung may dragon ba yun? angas ee

  22. Beautiful fantasies. Kisses!!!

  23. HI sweetie.. thank you for yr commento on my blog... this pics are literaly amazing!!! Love your beautiful blog... I follow you, hope to see you again on my blog:

  24. Im so jealous, we don't have anything like this in England! x

  25. Isa yan sa festival na gusto ko ma witness! Kelan kaya kami makakapunta ng bacolod!Di masyado mahilig mag peace sign yung friend mo no? hehehe!

  26. Well... I visited that church because I was passing by and than I realized that I had never visited it. I was lucky because there was a guide that explained me the story of that place and I also had the chance to see a photo exibihition that was taking place there. :)

  27. Nice photos you have...Hope I can visit Bacolod next year...Parang ang saya saya lang dun :)

  28. Ito yung festival na gusto kong puntahan! Astig talaga ng Pilipinas!

  29. Amazing pics!!!!
    Amazing post! :)
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  30. this is what im waiting for!... i've been dying to witness maskarra festival.. kelan ko kaya maeexperience to?!

  31. parang ang sarap naman talga sa lugar nyo ang daming pedeng masaksihan..

  32. First time I heard of this festival. The name sounds like 'mascara' to me haha! Ooh, I like those masks! So interesting and colorful!! Btw, where is Bacolod? I have only been to Manila in the Philippines : )

  33. Glad you had fun, nice festival! thank you for visiting my blog! Means the world to me… following you now on GFC and Bloglovin. Follow back and lets stay connected!
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  34. It looks so pretty with all the colours :) I;d love to visit the Philippines one day
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and the lovely comment
    Daniella x

  35. thanks for commenting on my blog =) im a new follower on GFC now =D

    i love how you document your lively adventures!


  36. hi Phioxee, browsing your blog, so glad to see you really having a fun time with life, i actually am looking if you have a post on twin lakes ( is it the high altitude lake ) coz i wish to go there someday, haha. but i ended up here in your bacolod post.


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