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Buglasan Festival 2012 - Cultural Booths

Buglasan Festival is a two-week celebration here in Negros Oriental, Philippines. Our city - Dumaguete City - is the capital. The provincial government decided to permanently put a structure where booths of every municipalities and cities are situated

This year's Buglasan Festival has three venues to decongest the crowd. The permanent booths are in Sidlakang Negros, while as per requested by many people, in Freedom Park, and Rizal Boulevard.
This is Sidlakang Negros, where the permanent booth structures are contructed. The structure looks like a house, and each city and municipality can decorate and display all products they want. Each municipality has the same size of booth. Photo by Francis B. from Dumaguete City.

This is Freedom Park. The palace like is the capitol building. The wide area is really suitable for accomodating large crowd in Buglasan Festival. People preferred booths are installed in this area.  Photo by Francis B. from Dumaguete City.                                                                
The booths are open from October 12, 2012 to October 21, 2012. The festival held 87 events, which among these are the Dance Showdown (HERE), and Street Dancing competitions (HERE).
This is Rizal Boulevard. One of the attraction of Dumaguete City. I finally got my own photo. The grass right now are all green. This photo was taken two years ago (when I'm still fit lol).                   
Buglasan Festival's theme “Negros Oriental: Gearing Towards Sustainable Growth,” aims to boost the province local tourism industry as well as become competitive in other provinces in the country.

Let me tour you around in each booths I visisted with my friend Maireen. She came all the way from Iligan City.

We first visited Freedom Park, because there were many crowds there.
We were welcomed by Mr. Fishy and Mr Smoke. The Municipality of Amlan is the first among the place in the province to advocte for a strict implementation of NO SMOKING campaign.
This is a boat of Bais City. Whale and dolphin watching are the two attraction in the place.
Canlaon City decorated their booth with fruits and veges. I so love it.
Dumaguete City installed a big tarpaulen with a simulation of Rizal Boulevard.
This one is from Siaton. The municipality where the Governor came from.
There were only five municipalities and cities who installed their booth in Freedom Park. The rest were all companies and commercial centers. Since we're still alive and kicking at that night, I invited Maireen to visit Sidlakang Negros. There were few people when we got there.
We visited each booth and took alot of pictures.
Entrance area to a simulated cave. Mabinay is known for their numerous caves.

This one looked like in a real cave. Protective hat was given if you wish to go inside the simulated cave.
The cave is made of concrete cement.
Sorry for the background. I should have told my photographer to blur them.
We had dinner in a restaurant facing Rizal Boulevard, but we didn't take a photo of the place together. Thank you so much for reading my three posts about Buglasan Festival 2012. The next will be Masskara Festival 2011 and 2012. I will tell why I have to attend the festival twice.

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  6. Looks so much fun! Wish we had more events like that here (but die the cold weather we have festivals mostly only at summer..;))
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  7. Love all the pictures. Looks like a fun festival to go to. Thanks for sharing it with us and sure does feel like we've been there to. BTW, I will be nominating you for the Liebster Award on my Friday post so be sure to check it out for the rules. AS always thank you for all the sweet thoughts and visits in my blog.


  8. Really love your colorful, exciting, & joyful escapades! Sarap talaga mag-trip sa nature!! Always take care!

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  13. really good for you to be able to watch Buglasan. I'll try to make it up to them next year...haha


  14. Such great photos! amazing post!

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  27. what a fun festival! i love all the entrances, houses and fish & smoky! hahaha

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  30. Thank you so much for sharing this! If there is one thing I love more than fashion it's travel! I truly want to visit your country. I have a friend who is living there on a mission and I plan to visit him. Maybe next year when the festival is going on again!

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