Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bahura Resort and Spa –Barkada’s Summer Outing

Who could say no for a summer outing? NO ONE! The fun under the sun could be very memorable, especially if we spend it among our friends.  So despite the hectic schedules we have, my friends and I really find a way to meet up and catch up with each other in Bahura Resort and Spa.
Bahura Resort and Spa

Jump shot - first attempt
Jump Shot - second attempt
The place is one of the best resorts in the province. They offer world-class services and amenities in reasonable rates. Next to Antulang Beach Resort, it’s the next most popular resort where most tourists go for relaxation and enjoyment. They also offer superb food and delicacies. They have restaurants, hotels, big swimming pools, and wide beach.
street foods while waiting for others
posing at the entrance
My "barkada" (friends)
Bahura's spacious place - that's their hotel
Nice view from the resort's hotel during twilight
We met up at almost 9:00 AM, so we could be at the resort earlier. From Dumaguete City, you could take a cab and get to Dauin for about 25 minutes. The resort is situated south of Negros Oriental in Maayongtubig, Dauin, where you can find a peaceful place full of peace-loving people. 
ready for lunch
Still playing PSP while waiting lunch to be served
waiting for some more
pack with gadgets
For only Php 500.00 per person, you can enjoy the resort’s place with free sumptuous meal. The resort could prepare mouthwatering Asian and Western cuisine you would really love. It also includes the use of the swimming pool, Jacuzzi, and beach. 
wacky "us"
hmm i really dunno why we have to wave lol
and they are so relaxed
well this isn't supposed to be serious
Sample of Bahura's room
Bahura has the largest pool among other resorts.

Currently, Bahura Resort and Spa offers city tour package for Php 12, 900 for two persons. Good for honeymooners and tourists who really want to experience Bahura and get to enjoy the whole island of Negros Oriental. Their accommodation ranges from Php 3000.00 to 8000.00 per night with inclusions of welcome drinks, breakfast set, kayaking, snorkeling, and free accommodation of 12-year old children. For more info, please click HERE. The resort also has Conference Room, Al Fresco dining spaces, and an accredited PADI center for divers. They also have souvenir shop that offers great valuables you could bring with you to remind you of how beautiful the place is. RESERVATIONS.
toys for the big boys
these are girls' toys lol
While waiting for our lunch be served, we played PSP game and have fun, especially when we needed to win using our Tekken 6 character. After we have eaten, we relaxed ourselves and enjoyed the view of their two-infinity shaped swimming pool. We took a lot of pictures afterwards. 
uh huh! certainly not a good pair
hmmm tripping with their foot
they really dont wanna go swimming, but they like to pose
we really had fun ;-)
We got home around 6:00 PM, and continued the fun in our favorite hangout place – Sundown Bar. 

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    1. :-)Hi joanne, in case you would consider visiting Dumaguete City, just book Manila-Dumaguete, and Ill meet you at the airport. Our city is known as City of Gentle People, and I can definitely be one ;-)

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  16. hello! this post is so informative. tagal ko na naghahanap ng details kung pwede mag daytour sa bahura! thank you so much!


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