Sunday, July 15, 2012

Antulang Beach Resort - Super Fun Day Tour

Getaways excite me the most, especially with my favorite buddies. It was an ordinary shift at work when we were talking about where to spend our major summer vacation. Since Antulang Beach Resort has always been one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the island (Negros Oriental), we decided to get an inquiry for their Day Tour package. We booked and impatiently waited for the day.
Infinity Pool + Hot Girls = Almost Heaven (wink)

Limestone cliff at the background
At Antulang Beach Resort, you get to choose among laid back to extreme activities in reasonable rates. Day Tour Package includes a free back and forth Van Transfer (Dgte-Resort), Horse Back Riding, Swimming, Snorkeling, Kayaking, one free sumptuous lunch (in plate), and a full afternoon snack. All these you get for only Php 900.00. 
This is actually my first kayaking experience. I do not know how to swim, so I rarely do water activities.
Outgoing couple Wable and Val
Coolest Buddies
In case you want to explore more, they also offer a cruise to Tambobo Bay, Apo Island, and take you to Dolphin watching in Tanon Strait in Bais City. For adventurous guests, they also offer rappelling, where you can scale down or take a plunge on a limestone cliff. Click HERE to see more about Antulang Beach Resort. 
This is my first horse back riding as well. I was actually nervous that I would fall from the horse.
Val enjoying her ride.
Grah so anxious with this wild one.
This white horse is much friendlier that my friend April has still manage to pose and smile.
Unlike this brown, which Michael find it hard to manage.
Wable and son Miggy boy with their friendly white horse.
We meet up with the resort’s van before 8:00 AM, so we could be there by around 10:00 AM. Antulang Beach Resort is located 40 km south of Dumaguete City. It’s an hour drive from the city, so we needed to leave by 8:00 AM. The resort’s Day Tour package starts at 6:00 AM and ends at 10:00 PM. The resort’s driver would definitely wait for the guests on their preferred departure and arrival time. Click HERE for RESERVATIONS
We're waiting for our lunch to be served. So hungry after swimming.
From the national Highway, we’ve seen a left junction with Antulang’s sign. We headed that way, and travelled for another hour. We bubbly hopped from the van once we got in the resort. The two-hour drive never tired us. We’re so excited, and began taking pictures. Thanks so much to our photographer who untiringly clicked his camera over and over again. 
And this is what we really are!
Who run the world? GIRLS ;-)

We ordered food for our lunch, and tour around the place. The weather cooperated that day, so we changed our clothes and put our maxi dresses. With the sun intensifying the hues of each color, we enjoy all the activities and completed our Day Tour at Antulang Beach Resort.
On top of a super big dead coral reef.
Enjoying the head of the sun at the resort's infinity pool.
Summer hot girls
I really got my beautiful tan right after this.
Valerie with her son Miggy boy.
The water is really enjoyable. I even put on my sunglasses on. lol
By 5:00 PM, we decided to leave and back in Dumaguete City by around 7:00 PM. I would never forget this very memorable day in my life. All the fun and enjoyment were jammed packed in just one day. I will definitely return to Antulang Beach Resort someday.

Love the scenery.
 Thanks for listening!

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