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Swan Lake – Mongkeys Get Together

I now officially consider Dumaguete City as my second home. It beats Iligan City for the unforgettable moments and memories I can keep in mind. For my five years here, Mongkeys Team has been one of the circles I’ve been part with. To celebrate our Fifth anniversary, we decided to hold it in an enjoyable place yet offers affordable rates. Not to mention that it’s within the city.
Swan Lake pool

Swan Lake was conscientiously chosen by most of us. Aside from the very fact that we’ve never been there, it’s the closest resort in the city. No! It’s actually within the City. It’s located in Claytown Subdivision, Daro, Dumaguete City. We really want to swim (though most of us cannot), so we have to decide a place that has a swimming pool. No corkage is also a must for our choices, since we wanted to grill.
Smiling Me - sorry for the pixels
Omar, Aicy,Timogen, Tito Boy, Chimbe, Naizel, and Mary Rose
Naizel,Tikya, Tito Boy, and Kuya Mong
During my lunch break at work, I settled all the necessary things we needed. Poor Ate Shey (congrats to her because she’s now having her first baby) that I have to disturb him for marinating our pork. Cross my heart! I really wanted to do it myself, but I do not know how! Plus NO ONE has ever defeated his super delicious marinated grilled pork. Every outing we had, Ate Shey has always been our cook, so it’s really hard without her. Anyway, everything was settled and good to go. Everyone was waiting for me to log out from work (evil grin). 

Our Cook - Ate Shey
Mongkey Girls - Chimbe, Adamarie, Aicy, Shey, Hya (middle), Mary Rose, and Sybil
We’re not familiar with the address, so we got lost, but found the right way. When we arrived, most of us were excited to see the pool. It’s not that beautiful, but at least it exceeded my expectation of the place. Most of our friends and colleagues from Dumaguete City discourage Swan Lake. Why? I REALLY DO NOT KNOW with them. The place is not boring at all (unless you’re such a boring person).
No idea how to grill

Smile girls
She's not that hungry lol
We finished the grill and prepared to eat. We were waiting for our Kuya Mong, who happened to be in another outing (with his family). Good thing he did not forget our brandy (Emperador Lights). We have a lot of food, so it took us three hours before we got up and decided to swim. 
Kuya Mong MAKING UP his explanation lol
Thanx to those who donated - you know who you are ;-)
Ready to Eat
Posing before eating
Swan Lake has only one pool. It’s declining from 5-feet deep to 7-feet deep, which would never be my option. I just stayed beside the pool. Poor me! Actually, most of our pictures were beside the pool. And, the night was getting late and our brandy was getting LATER. The cold air started to give me Goosebumps. So, I ate again!
Enjoying the pool side
The resort has also a minibar and cottages that are in affordable in rates. For Php 1200.00, eight persons can accommodate the room. They also have enough area where you can spend occasions like Birthdays, Reunions, and even small wedding ceremony.
Always at the GOOD side
We chitchat the whole night and laugh till we drop. We realized how time flies. We looked back to each outing and moments we’ve shared. We recalled people who became part of our lives. Truly, people come and go, but we always get memories to keep.
Thanks to Swan Lake for in such a short time, our anniversary has become so special.

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  1. Nice place.You really had fun..Hope I can also visit there.

  2. a nice and easy access place for busy individuals...:)


  3. get-togethers are really fun! :D iam_kbc -

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  4. Great photos! looks like fun!

    1. tnx sara! i just remembered your maxi cardi. i love to wear it in the pool side.

  5. you took some great photos of everyone & the food looks delicious & inviting. where in the world is the swan lake that you are visiting? totally understand about the swimming. my first attempts being in water almost had bad endings so at 12 yrs it was thought that i should have swimming lessons. water draws me to it. it could be that i am astrologically a water sign. you all looked like you had a wonderful time. are all the people in the photos family or friends or both? thank you for finding and following me. i am going to put your blog on the list on my posts. blogger doesn't appear on my reader so i will check in to see what is new. take care. i hope you enjoyed your visit to swan lake.

    1. they're all friends ;-)

      swan lake a pool resort that most people here in Dumaguete City, Philippines visits the most. and we really enjoyed a lot. tnx for droppin by. love your blog concepts anyway, so i follow it.

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  7. You've made me want to take a swim now so badly, or better, take a vacation! Looks like you had fun :)

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  8. This pool is gorgeous. You look so happy and relaxed!
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  17. Bonggels nag enjoy tlga kyo ng bongga bongga! Na miss ko tuloy mag out of the town with my friends;)

  18. love it! so perfect


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