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Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort- Day Tour Getaway

The island’s name SUMILON literally means “take refuge. It is a 24-hectare of land with luscious green trees and marine flora and fauna. The island is known of its diving spot for it has 39-hectare marine sanctuary that all divers free to explore. It is situated in Oslob, Cebu, Philippines.
Hot girls at temptation island called SUMILON - Me, Boging, Valerie, and Grah

Feeling the scorching summer heat in Sumilon's sandbar
We “took refuge” of the island for a Day Tour fun activity for only Php 1500.00. It’s Php 2000.00 if you visit the place during weekends. The island is owned by Bluewaters, and in a paradise like Sumilon Island, your day would become a year of memories to treasure. 
Arriving at Sumilon Island, the girls seems so bubbly and joyful.
Gagay took me a picture while we were registering for the next trip to Sumilon Island
It’s quite easy to get to Sumilon Island. We’re from Dumaguete City, so we have to take this route:
Van from Dumaguete City
Fast Craft (20 minutes) at Sibulan, Negros Oriental
Motorized “pedicab” at Oslob Port, Cebu
Boat from Bluewaters Port in Bancogon
Sandbar at Sumilon Island

Arriving at SUMILON

Want to know more about Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort? Click HERE. The Day Tour package we booked includes:
  • Set lunch (buffet)
  • Boat transfers (Bancogon - Sumilon - Bancogon)
  • Island activities (kayaking, trekking, snorkeling) 
  • Use of infinity swimming pool
We're so ready for Kayaking in Sumilon's natural lagoon.
Me and Grah (blogger)
Posing before getting ready to snorkel
We are so excited to see Nemo and his friends, but you have to do the trekking first.
Since the trek was so long, we stopped and rest for a little while.
These couple were so loving that they looked like they're on their honeymoon.
Looking sexy hot girlfriends.
Me and Grah
Finally, we arrived at the sandbar to snorkel.
We're done with the snorkel and we have to be ready for the swimming pool.
I'd make sure to get a beautiful tan.
My girlfriend,Valerie seemed to tired that a bump escape from her body. lol
Who could resist the beautiful infinity pool?
capturing the view from the island facing the sea
We hit the pool and had fun.
So much fun and laughter.
Jacuzzi - Photo from Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort
Our boyfriends enjoyed Jacuzzi more than the pool.
The cool buddies I was with at Sumilon Island.
Thank you so much for the shots Gagay (Canon EOS 60D) and Wabz Realista (Nikon D3000).

And, of course, you guys who take time to scroll down and reading this last sentence - THANK YOU SO MUCH for visiting my blog today.

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