Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Apo Island - A Birthday Trip

Hi guys! It's finally April. I can fully smell the crisp summer air. Summer is officially here, and spring time has finally come in western part of the world. But most of all, it's my birth month. For almost three years, I always dreamed of spending my birthday in an island. Thanks to a friend who invited us to visit Apo Island. He provided us with everything, so what more could we ask for? Nothing except that we have to enjoy and enjoy. Let me take you with me. 
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Apo Island is located on the Southeastern tip of Negros Oriental. We're all from Dumaguete City (capital of Negros Oriental), so the trip is so easy. The island is one of the best diving sites in the country. Even local celebrities like Aga Muhlach visited the island.
bloated while beach bumming in Apo Island Beach Resort
How to get there? 

Take a flight to Manila or Cebu, Philippines. Another flight to Dumaguete City. Once you're in Dumaguete City, take an hour bus ride to Malatapay, Zamboanguita, Negros Oriental.
Malatapay Market is only available every Wednesday
Malatapay port for Pump boats

Then, a 30-minute boat ride will take you to Apo Island (Php 100.00 each ONLY during fiesta - Php 3000/4-6 persons NORMAL fare for tourists/non-Apo residents).  
Jasiel Ferry boat
We went there on April 4, 2013. It's my actual birthday at the same time the island patron's -Sr. San Vicente Ferrer- fiesta. Bulk of tourists are already expected to visit Apo Island.

To avoid accident that happened two years ago, the coastguard made sure that a bigger boat was available. We had to wait for the ferry boat all the way from Siquijor. It arrived in Malatapay at around 11:00 AM, and we missed the regatta of pump boats in Apo Island.
Well, honestly, the island would be more enjoyable if you're a diver. Its community is one of the world's best organized marine sanctuaries. However, the island does not offer much to party people. 
Ready for beach bumming
Apo Island white sand
There are no clubs nor bars in the place, though a known resort offers one - Apo Island Beach Resort. Real relaxation can really be found in the island. If not for the island's fiesta celebration, the mundane routine will definitely bore a city person
Apo Island Beach Resort
Such an inviting deep-blue water
But then again, even if it's the most uninteresting place in the Earth, and it's my first time there? Boredom would definitely be the last thing that comes to my mind. Ever lively and enthusiastic we were, we explored the island on the first day.
Eddie, Valerie, Vonnaliza, Jake, and Phioxee
Beach-lover girls
Single but not Available, Feeling single but NO chance to be available, Single but Reserved :-D

I'll stop now 'coz I don't want to bore you with my fun-filled experience in Apo Island. Thank you for visiting my page today. Start your summer with a blast!

Just me, 

(More photos available in Phioxee's Facebook Fan page.)


  1. Belated happy birthday Phioxee :) Happy for you that you got to spend your birthday at such a lovely place :) More pics pa! :)

  2. @♥●• İzdihër •●♥ indeed!
    @zai: thanx sa greetings.

  3. Wow... Okay, I'm adding this to my list!

    I just recently got into snorkeling and diving because I have fish allergies, but I'm managing well, so I'm definitely going once I'm back hehehe!

    I love the photos! I enjoyed viewing the pics too!!! :D

  4. Da best naman ang beach! It's like a paradise! At bakit nakabilad ang iyong katawan? hehehe

  5. Wow, looking at the first picture is so inviting already. I hope I can reach the same place one day. Happy Birthday sa yo Phioxee

  6. ito pala ung nakita ko sa fb! haha! dagat nanaman! aminin nyong dalawa and totoong trabaho nyo ee ang magbilad ng katawan sa ilalim ng araw at sumisid nu? haha

  7. Belated happy birthday. This place looks amazing and how lucky you are to get to spend your birthday bathing in the sun looking so fabulous in that bikini.


  8. What a wonderful birthday! So glad you had an awesome time! It's beautiful. Cute pic of you (last picture).

  9. Belated happy birthday Phioxee. Beautiful people in an amazing place. Hope I can visit that place one day:)

  10. Belated Happy Birthday!! At ako na ang kinikilig sa mga sexy pictures mo. nakakaloko. ramdam ko ang init.

  11. The beach is beautiful as you. Happy birthday! it's really summer out there!

  12. Could you send some summer and sun over to me? You look lovely <3
    xo, Lara

  13. wow! isa na namang paradise ito na gusto kong mapuntahan someday. at belated happy birthday!

  14. Wow! Ang ganda ng Apo Island! Nainggit ako!

    Belated happy birthday sayo :)

  15. the island seems very inviting. someday, i hope...

  16. dagdag 'to sa listahan ng mga gagalaan someday.. hehehe..

  17. Love love the summer bikinis:) so sexy girls!

  18. I think planning of going there should be on fiesta..MAS MURA ang pamasahe sa bangka. You know Phioxee, yung maarte talaga ma bobore jan agad agad. Pero if you can look beyond, primarily, di talaga party ang offer ng lugar na ito but sanctuary for those who are tired and wants natures comfort.. Really liked the place. You and Grah are indeed beach lovers.

  19. Wow ang ganda ng aapo island! saya ng summer :)

  20. grabe ang dami kung nadidiscover na good places because of your blog..:)
    hanggang sa susunod na paglalagalag girlfriend :)

  21. Huwaw naman Ate Aicy, tinalo mo pa ang hotness ng araw hahaha :))

    Super ganda pala jan sa Apo Island. A great place to relax and cool down a bit.

    Belated Happy Birthday!

  22. belated happy birthday! your trip looks so fun!!!

  23. next stop, Sipalay or mag Bora ta dai

    1. sipalay! Wen??? Ecstatic na dayun akong feeling. Hahaha

  24. I have only two words - beautiful and JEALOUS!

  25. ah Apo island pala yung pinost mong pic sa fb.. may nagrecommend din saken na magpunta jan kasi maganda daw.. and it is! pag nagpunta ako sa Dumaguete please bring me there hihi.. natawa ako sa description mo sa picture nio sa bato with Grah and another friend haha.. ang sesexy!

  26. happy bday Ms. Phioxee! :) Apo island is indeed such an amazing place, isang must ngayong summer. Nakaka engganyo talaga ang mga kuha dito ng mga places. Ang hot! :)

  27. nice napaka bonggang b-day celebration..ganda ng aerial view..

  28. hindi ko ma imagine sarili ko nakatihaya kaharap ang araw na yan sa beach!! bwahahahaha at kung makasingle ka nga naman don sa pics mo with ur 2 friends! eenngkkkk enngggkkkk hahahaha lol belated happy birthday pioxe!!! sayang hindi ako natuloy but marami pang pagkakataon!! soon!! namiss kita sa tweet!!

  29. I am late, belated happy birthday, Phioxee, glad to see your fun pictures @ apo island, you had a wonderful birthday bash.


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