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Apo Island - Exploring the Island's Beauty

Another post about Apo Island guys. I just wanted to clarify that Apo Island is different from Apo Reef in Occidental Mindoro. The island is in Negros Oriental, and it's really an island not a big series of coral reefs. And, FYI the latter is more famous for its beautiful contiguous coral reef system compared to the former.
Apo Island
Apo Island

I'd like to give you more stories about Apo Island. 

Marine Sanctuary
The island boasts for its rich marine natural resources. Together with the government, private institutions, and the local residents of the island, the preservation of the marine life has been so far successful. Fishing in traditional methods is allowed, but never the non-ecological methods like dynamite fishing. 
Marine Sanctuary in Apo Island
Fish Sanctuary area
The cool sea breeze welcomed us. The coolness of the place was soothing and relaxing. The area was full of dead white coral reefs that looked like a vast white beach. I even mistaken them with small pebbles, but they're actually dead crumbled corals. WANT MORE
Dead Corals in Apo Island
Top: Jomar From Right to Left: Eddie, Hearty, Valerie, Phioxee, Grah, Jay, and Randy

Salt-Water Lagoon
The island has a big lagoon that gives sustenance to the vast mangroves area. I am not really sure, but boating and kayaking can be available if one would request. 
Apo Island lagoon
Way to Sanctuary and Lagoon
Luckily, our cottage was situated near the lagoon that gave us the advantage of the beautiful view and cool air. The island has limited electricity and fresh water, so after a whole day sun bathing, the humid and damply feeling is expected.
Our cottage w/ CR for only Php 500.00 (but we had it for free)
Habagat Eco Trail and Rock Point View
This is one of my favorite spots in the island. The steep 600-meter Habagat Ecot Trail in Apo Island rewarded me with the beautiful and picturesque seascape. 
Sea scape from Rock Point View Deck
View from the cliff
Shots from the edge of the cliff
trek on our back
The uphill hike was so challenging that we almost gave up. But one should never miss the Rock Point View Deck when coming to Apo Island. Try it yourself if you're near Negros Oriental, Philippines.
Hearty, Phioxee, Grah, and Eddie
Rock Formation
The island is a volcanic type (see here) of an island. The presence of gigantic rock formations is apparent. In fact, there's a black big rock that easily identifies the island from all other places. 
Big Black Rock in Apo Island Beach Resort
Best beach bodies buddies ever!
Unfortunately, this particular black big rock is within Apo Island Beach Resort's area. Tourists not checking in to the place are not free to take pictures behind them. You would need to pay Php 50.00 for the entrance fee. Since we didn't know about it, we unknowingly entered the resort and took a lot of pictures. lol The guard even welcomed us. There was a man who asked if we wanted to have a guide. 
We declined, and by then he asked for an entrance fee from each of us. We told him that we're already leaving, and we didn't have to check in the place. 
Apo Island Beach Resort's entrance (Php 50.00)
In fairness to him, he's still polite and didn't stop to encourage us about snorkeling and kayaking using the resort's amenities.  
Grah and Val in the cave
If you don't want to pay for the entrance fee, you could go over this big rock to get to the other side and enjoy the diving from the Big Black Rock. (But I couldn't dive)
I don't actually know what to right about Parola. I haven't been here, because NO ONE would like to go with me and witness the grandiose lighthouse of Apo Island. I hated my friends every time I recall how I begged them to go in Parola.

Almost all of them have been to the light house, and most of the first timers were smokers and didn't want to go on a breath-gasping hike. Accordingly, the trail would be three times challenging than Habagat Eco Trail. But I don't think so!
Anyway, I truly enjoy my stay in the island. I went home the next day, because I couldn't wait to upload all the photos and check them out in the big screen. 
I'd like to thank you for your visits today. My next post would be about the fiesta and the bad experience we had in the island. But if Xoxo_Grah would post it on her blog, I may not be able to post it here. Just check out here blog update about Apo Island. I'm pretty sure she's a good story-teller.

Just me, 

P.S. Thanks to Jake and Eddie for some of the photos.


  1. Love the views and the water was so inviting:)
    Yeah ur right beach buddies with the bodies:)

  2. haha parang familiar saking ung place di kaya nagamit na yan sa movie?
    hmm anyway ganda talaga! napaka payak ng mga houses ee nu

  3. The waterways are absolutely gorgeous!!! So happy you guys made it through the hiking. That was an accomplishment. Everyone looks great! Can't wait until your next post. Have a great weekend!

  4. I like the place... hindi pa siya commercial so ang sarap mag-relax... kaka-stress sa city eh!

  5. All I can say is that I can't wait to explore this awesome island.

  6. The island looks great! Gusto ko ring mapuntahan ito. Kawawa ka naman at hindi mo napuntahan yung parola. Maganda punatahan 'yan kasi rare ang mga parola sa mga tourist spots.

  7. awesome island! beautiful...ganda talaga ng mga lugar sa pinas!
    i love your every adventure!

  8. Ay may part 2 pala ang Apo Island adventure mo Ate Aicy.

    Na curious lang ako dun sa black big rock thingy ehehe.

  9. Great photos. Thank you so much for making the distinction between Apo Island and Apo Reef..I thought they were one and the same. Would love to visit Negros Oriental one day.

  10. Cool yet hot photos! (ano daw? haha)

  11. Oh, I missed that trail when we were there, more reason for me to revisit Apo island, I miss it actually, love being there. thanks for sharing your pics Phioxee, helps me reminisce of the good old days.

  12. That was very informative indai Phiox...;) thanks for the photos...;)


  13. you're busy with your summer escapade! cool! never heard of this place way back in philippines! you have that pure filipina ganda! hehehe

  14. naalala ko tuloy yung Danjugan Island na pinuntahan namin last year, pero sa Negros Occidental naman. yung isang side ng island puro patay na pebbles din ang nasa beach pero narecover na nila yung corals at magandang site na rin for diving at snorkeling. sana makarating din ako dyan in the future, mukhang masaya yung hike :D

  15. such gorgeous pictures!! totally love them girl! very nice!

  16. What a beautiful island! The coral is pretty amazing!


  17. That island looks like paradise. You are so lucky to visit all those exotic places :)

  18. Ganyan 'yung mga lugar pinapanga-pangarap ko eh. Tapos may kasama akong dyowa, tapos maglalasing kami sa dalampasigan at hindi papansinin ang mundo. Sa buhanginan. Sa kweba. Sa bundok. Sa tubig. Ang sarap. Hahaha!

  19. Bonjour,
    Merci pour cet excellent reportage... Vos photos sont très belles. J'aime beaucoup les Philippines. J'y ai vécu des moments fabuleux.
    Gros bisous à vous

  20. I know the feeling Phioxee if there's a place or a thing that you really want to see but your friends are not even excited about it. They leave you two choice: to leave it or go there alone.. Maganda pa naman yung parola kahit luma at di na ganun ka ayos.


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