Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Azalea Restaurant - Most Romantic Place in Dumaguete City

Azalea Restaurant may not be a popular bistro in Dumaguete City, but with the ambiance and panoramic view, you'll definitely have a gratifying meal. Though the foods are not that gastronomic, still, I found the place the most romantic restaurant in Dumaguete City. 
Azalea Restaurant
enjoying scenic view in Azalea Restaurant
Why? Lemme tell you. But please, bear with me, 'coz I am not going to be particular of the food they served. We only ordered two dishes, and I honestly didn't like them, because it was early afternoon, and we're not that hungry. I was just fascinated with the restaurant hanging off the side of a deep valley. I'll show you some photos of course.
road trip to Azalea - in San Jose, Negros Oriental
It was a date with Max, my special someone. I knew about the place during my visit in Twin Lakes. CLICK HERE. Though I’ve already seen it, I didn't know it was in business, until a colleague told me to try Azalea Restaurant. 

Since then, I was itching to visit and check out the place, but no one would have wanted to go with me. Why? First, it really looked expensive. Second, it’s really far from the city. And finally, they’re only open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, thus, they didn’t serve dinner. 
descending way to Azalea Restaurant
elevation of 289 meters above sea level
new piazza in Azalea

units for overnight rentals owned by Azalea

I convinced Max to go with me one Wednesday afternoon. I even asked him to visit Twin Lakes, but hmmm… he’s not that adventurous type of guy, so I didn’t press on it. 

Fortunately, we’re the only customers when we arrived. We ordered braised pork and chicken adobo.
table for four
chicken adobo
braised pork or humba
When we’re about to finish, a group of old and matured people arrived. I heard them admiring the place, but when they had the menu, they found the price expensive. They ordered salads and cold drinks, which were really apt for that hot breezy afternoon. I didn’t know why on earth we ordered a meal! Perhaps, we missed the salads and snacks at the back of the menu. I swear I could have ordered those things if I’ve seen one.
panoramic view in Azalea
rough road to Azalea

road to Azalea
arriving at Azalea

empty church we passed by when we went to Azalea
Anyway, we had a wonderful time. We barely have moments together, because we have to keep up with our schedules. Though we’re not that busy, but we really have different schedules, and our free time are not always parallel with each other. And  I don’t think that’s going to be a problem with us. We enjoy how things work, and we still miss each other every now and then.  Charots!

That’s it! This post is for the sake of Azalea Restaurant. This bistro is still in business, and they’re at Cambaloctot, San Jose, Negros Oriental, Philippines. It’s 19 kilometers North of Dumaguete City, and this is the same route going to Twin Lakes. Please read my Twin Lake post to know more about the direction.
happy anniversary!
Thank you for the visits today, friends. I hope you’ll have your own favorite romantic place with your special someone.

Azalea Restaurant
Land Line: (035)422.0113
Fax: (035)225.0491
Contact: Baby Armogenia
Hours: Mon-Sun 8am-5pm

Just me,

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  1. ang sweet naman! kakaingit! more years to come
    bagay na bagay kayo promises!
    anyway ganda ng place at solo nu pa ahh

  2. Mukhang maganda ang place...nkakarelax

  3. Very nice overlooking sceneries. Ganda ng location. I just hope na iimprove nila yung food nila. :)

  4. I think what made it the most romantic place was because you were with Max :) Ganun naman, kahit simpleng lugar basta kasama ang loved one. Aw may ganun :)

    They have a really lovely view, sana bawi next time sa sarap ng food :)

  5. hmmnnn... sure ka bang namimiz ka rin nya? baka one way lang naman...hihihihi

    romantic place ba rin yan kahit ako lang mag-isa if ever? hihihihi

    1. at mag isa ka lang talaga? hahaha!

  6. ang ganda naman dyan parang ang presko and kinda romantic din..i remember Pamana restaurant in Tagaytay.. ganito din ang ambience.. overlooking Taal Lake.. pricey din ang food pero super sulit kasi masarap naman..

    ang sweet nio ni Max hihi.. happy anniversary!

  7. Sayang, gnda sana ng place at sana binagayan nila ng mas msarap na dishes :-)

  8. Sorry the food wasn't great. Lovely scenery. You looked really pretty!

  9. Great view, breath taking at for sure it will have this romatic ambiance at night... isa to sa places i want to visit pag nauwi ako :)

  10. ãwww Happy Anniversary sa love birds :)
    Ang ganda nga ng view sabi ng friend ko na nakikitingin sa ginagawa ko parang Baguio lang daw ang ganda daw hehehe

  11. I wanna go there :) The ambiance is very relaxing and truly romantic ♥

  12. ang hot ni max chos! ganda ng place sobra yung tipong kulang nlng ng mga animals sa harap ng view

    1. Pero ugali nya ay sobrang chill :-) para ngang walang masamang tinapay ang lahat sa kanya.

  13. ayus o ang ganda.. sayang di adventurer si partner mo.. tskk pwedeng pang get-away ng magnobyo...

  14. Thumbs up again! Ang ganda naman ng place!!
    And then haluan pa masasarap na pagkain! Super!
    Very nice! Awesome din ang mga shots nyo!

  15. So you're from that place? i know that word "chada!" the place has great views. a nature that comes within. it's just sad to know you have a bf already! jk! happy anniversary to both of you!

    1. Chada means nindot in bisaya and beautiful n english. Ewan ko sa tagalog. Ang hirap ng tagalog

  16. The more I see posts of Dumaguete City, the more I want to go there. Very scenic indeed, love the view and the place looks really romantic and tranquil.

  17. I love the panoramic restaurant! We have one in my city too (unfortunately expensive) and besides to having the panoramic view, it slowly spins to give a wiew all over the city (that made my father in law feel sick, tho :D)
    All good about the giveaway, your entries are fine :)

  18. katakam-takam ung food ah! at ang lugar, romantic nga. kailangan kong makapunta dyan this year :D

  19. That is the place me and my hubby should go too:)

  20. Sorry that I've been away and not reading your sweet blog for a month or so, I was moving to a new apartment with all the hassels, and I am still fixing and unpacking all the boxes "which SUX"
    I missed reading your blog :D


  21. The ambiance is sure a winner. So the food is pricey but was it worth it?

  22. I would love to go there with my husband!! So beautiful!

  23. Happy anniversary to you guys. That place is breath taking. I agree you want to see the place yourself. I am with you, i will not care about the price of the food, well it would help that it is good but it is all about the experience.


  24. great post!let’s follow each other on gfc&bloglovin?
    flw me and where u’ve followed me!
    Be sure I’ll flw back)

  25. Ang sakit may stiff neck ako. wala lang nabanggit ko lang! hahah!

    Romantic nga, pero mas romantic siguro kung gabi no? Kaso hanggang 5pm lang pala sila. Sayang! Ang gaganda ng view, refreshing!

    Gamit na gamit mo ang helmet mo ah! ;)

  26. Nindut lagi ni!

    Wow nice entry ah.. Chada nindut jud ang lugar. Great review sa restaurant and I'm thinking to bring my partner there. And by the way, you two look very great together. :-)

    Kind regards,

    Your family from dumaguete city real estate firm. :-)

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