Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mabinay Spring Resort - Zipline for the first time

I had a blast last week! I went to Cebu City, Philippines but this is not what I am blogging about. I'll be blogging about Mabinay Spring Resort. I just remembered my first Zipline experience. When we went to one of the highest peak in Cebu City, a Korean tourist tried their Zipline. It was his first time, and he really peed on his pants. Everybody laughs at him, and he was so furious that they went home right away. They didn't even finish their food. 
Mabinay Spring Resort
Welcome to Mabinay Spring Resort!
My first Zipline experience was in Mabinay Spring Resort. It's only Php 100.00 for a 20-second long zipline. I wouldn't try it if not for a Xoxo_Grag persistence encouragement. I was excited with the idea at first. 
When we climbed the stairs, I started to look for excuses. Then, I begun whining and almost crying. When it was our turn, I tried to be quiet and calm down. 

But, I couldn't keep on asking if the tie was safe, or if there was a life-guard who could save me if I fall in the water. I was really paranoid that time. But then, I had my first Zipline experience WITH NO PICTURE to prove. urg!
Friends at Mabinay Spring Resort
Nature Park in Mabinay, Nergros Oriental, Philippines
Mabinay Spring Resort is a natural beauty in Tadlong, Mabinay, Negros Oriental, Philippines. Developed by the local government of Mabinay municipality, tourists and locals are attracted in the place for its beautiful and cool ambiance. 
Heary, Aaron, and Straissan
couple Vonnaliza and Mario

For an entrace fee of Php 20.00, this nature park is a relaxing place for family picnics and barkada getaways. The management of this resort told us that they're planning to build more facilities and amenities. At this time, they now have function hall, kayaking, and Zipline. 
Cabana cottage in Mabinay Spring Resort
Function Hall
Straissan ready to fly!
Look at her. I envy her wildness above.
It's me and Xoxo_Grah checkin out the equipment.
These are the guests who tried before us.
Ors who bravely tried Zipline for the first time.
Vonnaliza and Hearty
On my next post, I'll show you guys about how we enjoy kayaking in their clean and green natural lagoon.
Mabinay Spring Resort Zipline
Till next time guys! Thank you for visiting. I'm sorry that I wasn't able to comment on your blogs lately. I was so busy. I'll make it up to you, I'll back read on your posts, and visit your blogs this week. March is always a busy month for a woman 'coz it's Women's Month

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  1. isama mo nmn ako jan... ganda... gusto ko ma-try ulit ang zipline...

  2. ang ganda ng unang pic, sa babaw pala noon mag zi-zipline. cool ang idea ng mngt ng resort ehehe.

  3. Mukag nawiwili ka na magzipline ha :) and syempre, the best ang smile! ;)

  4. The place looks I've seen somewhere. Iniisip ko ba kung sayo ding post o kay Grah? hmmm

    Anyways, ang ganda ng zipline na yan.. over the water. Basta walang buwaya ha! nyahaa

  5. Parang nakakatakot yung river, feeling ko may biglang crocodile na tatalon! Overdose lang siguro ako sa horror movies.

  6. Woah , the water colour is so beautiful . This trips seems so adventurous .
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  7. Dumarami ang places to visit since I started reading blogs such as yours. Thanks for the info. Ganda ganda naman pose mo.

  8. ganda talaga ng tubig nu, nature na nature ang kulay!
    haha at zip line di ko pa naranasan yan!
    mejo takot ako sa heights pero want ko naman itry hahaha
    nagsama nanaman ang dalawang reyna ng katubigan!

  9. Hindi ko pa na-try mag zipline. At parang ayokong itry, takot kasi ako! hahaha

    Sayang naman! Wala kang picture sa pag fly mo! Iniisip ko kung anong ginagawa ng kasama mo doon sa zipline.

  10. Ay kahit mahulog siguro ako diyan carry lang, eh ang ganda ng tubig grabe blue! Malalim ba sister?

  11. Holy crap, that's one crazy and beautiful zipline! HAHAHA @ the korean guy. Poor guy >_< But I think it's really fun and exhilarating at the same time. I will definitely try it if I get a chance next time <3


  12. Oh love na love ko yang zipline na yan... first zipline ko when I was in highschool.. girl's scout camp namin un sa camp campinpin sa antipolo (talagang small letters ano. Tamad lang mag press ng shift key :p)
    anyways... yung ang first try ko sa sobrang takot ko natanggal ang sapatos ko habang nasa itaas at hinanap ko pa kung san sya napadpad but masaya hehehe once na overcome muna ang fear mo susubokan mo uli :)

  13. parang gusto ko ring magzip hehe...
    tubig naman yata ang babagsakan just in case...
    (wala naman sigurong buwaya : )
    anyway, i'm happy for you!

  14. following you now :) thank you for following me.

    by the way, from where are you? i can see that you have been posting negros oriental sceneries. it's such a beauty :))

    another thing. there is also ziplining in Valencia. try visiting Tierra Alta. It's such a wonderful place ^_^

  15. Matagal ko ng gusto mag try ng ziplineeeee! Sana pag bakasyon ko kahit sa tagaytay lang ma keribels ko hehehe

  16. Hi dear, always really interesting which places you´re visting!


  17. Wonderful place:)

    I'm follow your blog via GFC.

    Greetings from Switzerland:)


  18. I've forget my blog link:



  19. I freak out too pag turn ko na sumakay sa zipline, laging kong naiimagine na mahuhulog ako at mamamatay, pero pag nasa ere na, ang saya saya :) Buti d ko pa naman na experience maihi, baka may maihian pa ako, akala umuulan hehe :)

    Ang linaw ng tubig sa lagoon :)

  20. I love the place and the experience indai...i hope we can go back...this time, you won't need me anymore...hehehe


  21. Gusto ko din masubukan mag zip line. Di ko pa nae-expreience yan eh.

    Ganda ng Mabinay Spring Resort!

  22. Naku never ko pa na experience ang zipline. Mukhang exciting :) i hope ma try ko rin yan.

  23. Oh... how much fun. the only zip line I have seen in person was in Las Vegas. In Kentucky, they have a zip line that goes through a cave. Not sure I would like to do that... especially in a cave.

  24. So inviting, the water looks somarvelously lovely, glad you were able to enjoy ziplining


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