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Sta. Catalina - Mansanagan Waterfalls

Mansanagan Waterfalls is located in Mansanagan, Kabulacan in the municipality of Sta. Catalina, Negros Oriental. It's not a known waterfalls, and I didn't even know about the name until I made this blog post. Let me share to you the beauty of the hidden waterfalls in Sta. Catalina.
Mansanagan Waterfall
How to get there? 
Book a flight to Manila, Philippines, then check out for a flight to Manila to Dumaguete City. Then, turn west going to Sta. Catalina. It's about 92 kilometers and almost an hour bus ride from Dumaguete City. In the town proper, friendly locals will definitely help you find a guide to Mansanagan waterfalls. 
on our way to Mansanagan waterfalls
We never expected to see the waterfalls, because Sam - a friend who invited us - told us only about the mango farm they have in the area. But, the mangoes were not yet ready for the harvest, so we spent the rest of the day in hiking going to Mansanagan waterfalls.

It was after breakfast, and the sun was up. The weather cooperated but it started to drizzle when we're almost about the place. The rest house was in Kabulacan, and we have to take a drive to Mansanagan.

The trail was already slippery when we started to hike. But with the thrill and excitement, we push through and walked till we reached the waterfall. I wasn't expecting a challenging trail. I even stopped and took some photos. I was almost left behind 'coz I wasn't afraid at all. We reached the waterfalls and enjoyed all through out. We waited till the rain stopped and got back our way to the rest house.
Vonnaliza making her way from that challenging cliff
I couldn't stand, couldn't do anything with my feet 'coz it really felt like jellies. I couldn't depend on them, so I put all my weight on my body and hands.
But it turned out to be different after the rain has poured down. I really didn't expect that it would be life and death situation on our way back. This was the simplest and unexpected waterfall trip I had, but it was the most unforgettable one. No matter how beautiful the waterfall was? I wouldn't dare come back.
Mansanagan Waterfalls
 These are our wonderful boy-friends - Sam, Bacteria, and Mario.

                          These are the girls - Hearty, Phioxee, Vonnaliza, and Jean.

I love adventures, escapades, and outings, but I am such a coward when it comes to heights and extreme situations(but not really a phobia). That's the reasons why I am not convinced with mountaineering. I just love to visit places with typical roads and trail. I am just a wanderer! 

Thank for the visits this week. I have been busy, but I hope you won't get tired of accepting my excuse. I am visiting your blogs too, just that I am not leaving any messages 'coz it's either my internet is slow or I'm at the office and pop ups are block and Java script is disabled. 
Mansanagan Falls
Till next trip. It will be the same group in a nearby City. Let's explore some more before summer ends.

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  1. The trail is madalus pa...katakot..pero keribles mo girl! ikaw na!

    The falls is such a hidden beauty of the place:) since andto ako sa city ang napuntahan ko
    pala is mahayhay which I think hindi ko pa na share sa blog ko hahahaha! but twice na ako
    pumunta don..tamad la tlga ako mag post:)

    But anyway thou it was life and death experience I guess its all worth it:) your pictures shows:)

    thank you for sharing this hidden beauty

  2. there's so much to discover dyan sa pinas. my friend wanted me to visit some waterfalls during my recent trip there pro i wasn't able to since my schedule was very tight. hopefully next time i go back home, i'll be able to visit one of these gorgeous falls.


  3. Dami magagandang place dyan no. Pero kung ako din, baka di makaakyat sa falls:)

  4. wow model na model sa last pic!
    anyway sarap! lalo gantong kainit init! ang dudulas ng bato oh! naalala ko ung naligo kame
    nadulas din ako buti hindi sa bangin haha

  5. Wow thanks for sharing images from this awesome place.....I'll surely check this out when I come back home!!


  6. sta catalina is just two towns away from ours but i haven't been to that falls. ang ganda naman pala. i think i should pay some visit to that place. you had an amazing trip, for sure. :)

  7. It's amazing how much beauty there is in each island of the Philippines. I'm discovering a new place every time I visit your blog. Have a great week!

  8. Ang ganda! Parang hidden sanctuary. Nakakatakot nga lang kasi mukhang madulas pero siguro dahil sa ulan.. Maganda pag mainit ..

  9. I love waterfalls but just looking at how you traversed the entire place made me changed my mind. I love the last pic as well, you must have waterproof camera with you. The shots are definitely great. Just a question, one of the men is named Bacteria?

    1. Yes. Sya yung lage kong kasama sa ka artehan ko sa trip

  10. You looked so pretty in these pictures! That waterfall was absolutely gorgeous. Wow the trail to get there.

  11. Gusto ko din makakita ng mga waterfall pero kung ganyan ka-harsh yun trail e parang ayoko na din.. takot ko lang mahulug at malunod.. But it's indeed beautiful!

  12. Pictures pa lang mukha nang sobrang slippery at challenging ng hike! Good thing you're all safe :)

    Ang ganda ganda mo sa last pic Phioxee! Pwede kang pang Ms Earth! :)

  13. wow ito pala yung falls astig to ah gusto ko yan may challenge bago mapuntahan.. yun mga hinahanap ko mga tagong tago mahirap puntahan..

  14. Mahirap talaga ang gumala lalo na kung sa matatarik na lugar ang pupuntahan. Ingat-ingat ka na lang.

    Maganda rin yung napuntahan ninyong talon. Worth a visit. :-)

  15. wow! never thought that there's a beautiful place like this in Dumaguete! <3

    fromMyxilog with love <3

  16. Gorgeous! Waterfalls are just so magical!

  17. That's a gorgeous shot of the waterfall!

  18. kakainggit naman, I would love to go there one day. what a beautiful adventure. =)

  19. Wow, amazing! Very well described and great pictures! I wish I could go there, the pictures are very beautiful! Well done! I am sure you had fun and that was unforgettable!

  20. waow.. its seem a great place.. would love to come. and i think the effort is really worth it with a great place after it. love it


  21. Looks like a very challenging adventure...and FUN too.

    Happy weekend! :)

  22. Syempre kahit nahirapan kayo sa pagpunta sa Sta. Catalina falls, hindi mawawala ang ala-model na pose sa dulo hehe :D

  23. wow....wonderful place!
    fantastic post!
    a big kiss from Italy!

  24. thanks for showing us all these beautiful places ! i really miss home and i cant wait to show this to my hubby!

    Delightful Ideas
    ABCMouse Giveaway

  25. pagpunta pa lang adventure na :) yan ang masarap sa mga ganyang uri ng gala. very fulfilled pag nakarating. ang ganda ng falls. isa ang falls sa mga favorite ko rin na natural wonders. thanks for sharing this wonderful experience, phioxee

  26. thats more than beautiful and looks mysterious too...

  27. Maybe I could try that one when it is not raining, the "finally" pic looks so slippery and dangerous, without rope, I will not do it.

  28. I remember how you talked about it..heheh too bad hibdi ako naksama indai...ikaw na ang dyosa ng waterfalls...:)


  29. wow that is such a majestic place. It looks like a lot of trouble getting to the falls but so worth it anyway. Thanks for sharing with us Phioxee.....


  30. This is so gorgeous!! I've been sliding down waterfalls once, it's such a rush. I'm a bit of an adrenalin junkie (I even like the heights;)).

  31. it s come, check my blog...

  32. I wish to have a trip like yours, my dear.

    Lots of love,


  33. Wow! ang ganda ng waterfalls. Ang lamig siguro ng tunig. sarap maligo.

  34. wow ang ganda ng watefalls! mukhang sulit naman ang madulas na daan. :)

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