Sunday, May 19, 2013

Ramdom Blabber of a Blogger

We meet different people in different times.  Some of them may touch our lives and has to leave us with their wonderful marks. When I was young, I was reluctant in making close friends. I was usually skeptical and doubtful when a person showed some kindness. But that really changed, when I am left with no choice, but to adopt the world of ‘call center” industry. 

I learned to become flexible and stop myself from being an introvert. I made friends, and accepted the fact that people come and go. Some stays and some never forget – but important is I shared wonderful moments with them.

Moments are treasures stored in our hearts and minds. That’s the very reason why I blog my simple yet momentous wanderings with my family, friends and colleagues. If God would let me live until my difficult years come, I’ll read through each word I have on this blog. 
I hope you to do the same! Try to scribe every detail you do today, for in the future, you’ll find these sweet musings from the past a great treasure.

Just me, 


P.S ;-( Sorry. I can’t write anything today or next week. I’m tied in a schedule.


  1. well naisip ko din of ever dumating na ko sa age na yun ee
    madame akong memeory na mababalikan through my blog
    saya nun for sure

  2. Kaya rin ako ng blog. It will be my book to read pag nasa nursing home na ako one day:)

  3. Phioxee! Finally you are there! Please email me, you won the sushi ring :) ! My mail addy is in my blog :)
    x, Lara

    1. thanx lara. im on my mobile. i dont have an internet connection. and the network's really slow. ill check out ur email tomorrow. miss yah

  4. Same sentiments and reason for blogging. It is our digital diary.

  5. Hello
    Blog hopping and found your very beautiful blog.

    Great post!

    Visit my blogs too and feel free to add some comments.


  6. ur speaking of all of us darling:)

  7. Tama people come and go. Pero hindi ibig sabihin na kung lumayo ka ay magkakalimutan na diba? pwede parin magkita-kita online pag may time at balikan ang mga moments.Imbakan ko narin pala ng memories ang blog ko. hihi :D See u online Ms. Phioxee :P

  8. This is really beautiful. Blogging is like capturing moments of your life.

  9. Tama, bukod sa pagiging flexible sa sched, we get flexible when it comes to relating with people too. Dati shy din ako, ngayon makapal na fez ko, chika chika agad kahit kaka kilala ko pa lang hehe, thanks to our industry :)

    Hope you have a great week Phioxee! Kahit busy busy, enjoy enjoy pa din :)

  10. Agree with you, thanks for dropping by my blog... I like your blog, its so chic!

  11. i blog for record keeping; instead of writing a journal :)

    thanks for visiting.

  12. aw. this is such a wonderful blab. im happy you overcome your fears :)

    from Myxilog with love <3

  13. people come and go talaga lalo na sa call center industry.. 'yung mga tropa sa team, masaya lalo na 'pag kabit na kabit na 'yung samahan.. tapos lumulungkot 'pag may nagre-resign na.. tapos kahit sa mga paraan ng komunikasyon (fb PMs, texts or calls) minsan, nawawala pa.. masarap, nate-test 'yung pakikipag-kapwa-tao natin, kaso ganu'n talaga, people come and go sa buhay natin eh..

  14. Ito rin ang isa sa mga dahilan ko kung bakit ako nag-bblog. gusto ko someday may mabasa ako tungkol sa buhay ko.. hahaha.. sana may nasulat na akong may sense..


  15. Oh you said it so beautifully Phioxee, indeed these simple happy moments we write now is part of our priceless treasures.

  16. This also one of the reason why I blog. My life in the city was my own decision. My parents are against with it but now that I prove them that I can survive and be independent they are happy about it.

    With friends naman I used to have alot of friends and as I grow old you have have to be picky to whom to trust too:) I have this experience that I have learned alot that the only person you can trust too is you! you gotta love yourself more:)

  17. I used to think writing was just writing, but now I realize it's much more than that. I would say that writing isn't so much an art form as it is a skill, something you must work hard at to be better at. You have to think of characters, plot, setting, symbolism, irony, tone...just a whole bunch of stuff. I also think you won't be much good at it unless you practice a lot.


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