Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Random 12 12 12

Though I haven't posted anything new yet, that doesn't mean I'm not visiting your blogs. This is just random post. I actually wanted to rant about not having an internet connection at home, but that changed when I checked the calendar. I shouldn't be breaking the good vibes I got earlier today, because it's the most awaited 12 - 12 - 12 of the millennium. There will be no other 12 12 12 but today.
Love the Scenic 12 12 12 on this photo from the internet ;-D

Anyway, I many adventures inlined this week. Alot of Christmas gatherings and getaway plans. I'm crossing my fingers God will give more time to enjoy the holiday. I hope you too will get what you want this yuletide season.

Here are what I found for this special day:

a friend's wedding

a website for December 12, 2012 - CLICK HERE

a newborn baby at exact 12 AM on this very day (photo blurry for protection)

a friend celebrating birthday this very moment (I'm actually using his computer)
This is actually a cake from his facebook page. His birthday photos are soon to be uploaded. Happy birthday Hu Wan ;-) Thanx for the internet and computer.

These all I can show you. Thank you for reading this random post.

Just me,


  1. Your friend's wedding was beautiful!

  2. Parang walang highlights sakin yung 12.12.12 ordinaryong araw lang. Yung cake din ang gusto ko T.T

  3. nice naman ng cake mukhang masarap.... sabagay may nagsabi na lucky day ang 12 12 12

  4. Don't you hate when you have no internet connection. We are so dependent on technology now a days that we can't function without it. My husband said we are going to the cabin and I said do they have WI-FI or TV, lol


  5. Beautiful though! Very interesting!

  6. I like random posts :)
    I will be without connection soon too as we're moving :P
    The wedding pic is so nice. The church(?) is very beautiful :)
    x, Lara

  7. Happy birthday Hu Wan! :)

    isama mo kame (kahit sa pictures lang) sa pag wander mo and lahat ng getaways mo this Christmas :)

  8. Anong pangalan nung blurr na baby? Laki laki? :)) Wala namang nangyari rin saking kaswerte swerte sa araw na 12-12-12. Mas nakaka excite siguro yung 12-21-12 kasi sabi daw ay end of the world :D Globe ba internet provider mo? :D

  9. bakit ganun walang swerteng nangyari sakin sa 12 12 12, hahaha. Wuy baby! :) Mukang masrap ung cake... penge? hehe

  10. uyy angas nung b-day ng baby ha, di lang tatlo apat na 12 pa

    anu namana meon sa site na yan phioxee

    cute nung shot ng wedding ng friend mo hehe

    at ang sarap nung cake kaka takam

  11. ang astig nung baby na 12;00 12-12-12.. hehehe..

    pahingi cake!!

  12. saya naman ni 12-12-12 12:00 baby! :)

    at ng wedding at ng birthday ng friend mo :)

    I wish you'd get all your hearts wishes too Phioxee :)

  13. di swerte sa akin ang 12-12-12 :-(

  14. Ako naman lucky day ko yang 12/12/12!

  15. Wedding arrangements are so colourful and great :) What a lucky baby he/she was :)
    Noor @Noor's Place

  16. Love your blog! Maybe we could follow each other on bloglovin or GFC? Please leave me a comment or follow me and I will follow you =)

  17. Ansaya naman ng bagong kasal! Happy birthday to your friend! May your wishes come true too!

  18. 12 12 12 of happiness, is all yours in this post, Phioxee. love the random 12 12 12 moments of happiness you got!

  19. Wonderful post! You have an amazing blog :)
    I definitely follow you...would you like to follow each other?

    xoxo from Italy :)

  20. received a card from mommy Joy of Joy's Notepad and X'mas shopping made my 12.12.12 complete!

    Btw, sis anong dialect/language yung sa card yung nakasulat sa newborn baby? parang Indonesian hehe.

    Hope magkaroon kana ulit ng internet connection sis, happy holidays!

  21. andaming nangyari sa 12-12-12 pati sa family namin. kasal ng bro ko plus birthday ng cousin ko. plus sa mga nangyayari sa paligid na importante rin para sa kin, nangyari nung araw na yun. hindi lahat ng nangyari ay masaya pero ganon talaga.

  22. memorable to some people ang 12 12 12. sa sobrang busy ko naman, di ko na namalayan na may 12-12-12 na pala lels!! pero ang cute nong wedding kasi timing na timing ang date talaga! buti pa kayo nakagawa kayo ng entry ng 12-12-12 isa na yan sa hindi malilimutan!! hehehe


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