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How to pack for a Christmas holiday?

With Christmas just around the corner, trips to a foreign winter wonderland or escaping the European cold altogether are likely to be on the agenda. Winter holidays are a fantastic way of unwinding after a hard year’s work. But whether your destination takes you to snow or to winter sun, there are a couple of often forgotten items that shouldn’t be left out of your suitcase – here’s a handy guide.
I really hope I can visit with one of those winter destination. Photo by

Travel in comfort
If the place is that cold, wear some layers.
This is my friend Eva. She's now in Hongkong. I cannot imagine myself wearing those jackets, but of course, I love to see the snow.

Flights, trains, and long car rides can take their toll, so be sure to pack something to make your journey a little less of an ordeal. Leggings, loose footwear, and thin layers work best to transition between different air pressures and temperatures.

Be ready to wait
I used to bring a copy of Cosmopolitan magazine during my vacation or travel, but now I settle with books.
Whether it’s a bus journey, airport lounge or check-in delay, travelling will always involve a large amount of passing the time. You’ll have read that glossy magazine cover to cover in two hours, so pack a paperback(or better yet, a Kindle!) to leaf through whilst you wait for updates over the speakers.

Prepare to dip  
I love two piece swimsuits.
Even if your plans aren’t taking you to the tropics this year, many holiday homes, vacation rentals, and hotels now come equipped with a pool, sauna, or hot tub for use. It’s never fun to be left out, so be sure to remember your swimsuit!

Don’t forget festivities
This is Valerie. One of my good friend and best buddies in night out parties and vacations.
Just because you’re not going to be at home, doesn’t mean that you have to forgo the Christmas festivities. Plenty of resorts and holiday destinations will still have some form of celebration going on, so why not treat yourself to a couple of new party dresses at Keep designs simple and subtle and pack accessories to complete the look. Whether it’s a function, dinner or all-out party you’re headed to, you’ll be able to dress for the occasion.

Write it down
A planner or a notepad on your smartphones can definitely help.
You painstakingly packed before you left, but at the end of your break – whether sunburnt, relaxed or dreading the return home – packing the suitcase usually involves leaving something behind. Write a checklist of everything you packed at the beginning of the holiday, so you can tick the essentials off when you’re ready to leave.

I hope we all have a happy holiday. Thank you for visiting! My last post is about Pasko in Bais. You may try to back read.

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  1. thanks for the travel 101 tips :)

  2. sanay na sanay sa travel.. hahaha.

  3. I can relate coz I am like you, a planer:)

  4. Great tips :) I always brings mags around ;)
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  5. Pangarap ko makapunta sa isang lugar kung saan nag snow! Gusto ko gumawa ng snow angel, snowman, mag snow tubing, ice ski at kung anik anik pa!

  6. hmmnnn... good tips... based on experience ba yan?

  7. ikaw na ang tuma-travel tips hehe..sakto to sis since im gonna spend the christmas on the beach :)

    1. gusto ko ring mag-beach...saan kaya malapit sa manila?

    2. boracay? malapit kana sa dumaguete. drecho kana dito. hehehe

  8. gandang tips yan.... enjoy enjoy lang ^_^

    advance Merry Christmas ^^

  9. hindi lang pang christmas holiday ang tips. good siya for generally all kinds of trip. galing! apir!

  10. So chic! Thanks for sharing your tips smart traveler, keep safe always!

  11. tama whenever I travel I always armed myself with this things...a good shoes or killer shoes is a must pg nag vacation ka espcy with holidays...dinner, party and get to gether and a black dress will do!

    Its also one of my dream to visit a winterland during christmas:)

    merry christmas!

  12. sana makapagtravel din.. pinakamalayo ko pa lang na napupuntahan eh zamboanga.. hehe.. kung sakaling magkaroon ng pagkakataon, may tips na kami dahil dito..

  13. Siguro kaylangan ko na ang mga ganitong tips kasi laging nauuwi sa drowing ang ilang mga lakad namin. Gagawin ko kaso hindi ako magsusuot ng two-piece v(^^,)

  14. Wow. Sana hiniram mo yung jacket ni miss eva ate phioxee! ^^ Thanks sa tips! (kala mo'y ttravel din ako e HAHAH!)

  15. Nice! This is useful! Kaso lang wala akong two piece! Haha

  16. nice hmm never been a traveler,
    pero ill keep your tips in mind just in case

  17. bongga ng travle tips! I always forget to bring a magazine with me - perfect nga sya to kill waiting time :)

  18. happy holidays miss Phioxee!!!

    woot, 2 piece swimsuit *whistle*

  19. nice reminder yung post mo.. usually kasi i forgot something when i pack.. or minsan naman over pack ako..

    Merry Christmas!!!

  20. Amazing post!! :)
    Would you like to follow each other? :)


  21. dami mo na sigurong magazine na nabasa dahil lagi kang nag travel,hehe...

  22. Just because you’re not going to be at home, doesn’t mean that you have to forgo the Christmas festivities. <---- Ouch naman. lol

    Gusto ko rin maexperience ang white Christmas at mamit si Jack Frost. dyuk!

    Hulala sa 2 piece swim suit ah.

    Happy Holidays Ms. Phioxee :)

  23. Iba na talaga ng travelera heehe, thanks for the tips ha:)

  24. How I wish na I could spend my Christmas with a snow. Thanks for the tips.

  25. Di ako nagpi-prepare for a trip except reading online journals about the place am going, no itinerary, no to-do/to-bring list, tamad ko lang. Hehe.,, Pero yun book, lagi ako meron nyan, pampalipas oras. :)

  26. great post, thanks for sharing!

  27. Thanks for the tips, i'd make sure I have all those on my bags...especially the two piece even on winter..hahaha


  28. Great tips!!! (: Really nice post.


  29. Very timely post! I agree with Theresa...great tips! Thank you for your kind comment. You are always so positive!


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