Monday, March 19, 2012

Siquijor Island - Salagdoong Beach Resort

It was one ordinary day when my friend invited me for a photoshoot – yes, a photoshoot! – at Siquijor island. I was so thrilled of the fun and adventure I would get from the place. I packed my things for an early morning trip from Dumaguete City to Siquijor. I woke up as early as 4:30 AM, but STILL, I was late for the first trip - 6:00 AM. We then took the second trip at 9:00 AM, because we we’re both frustrated to go to Siquijor. 
Salagdoong Beach Resort
ferry boat
The island is known for its scary witchcraft and folklore stories of “Abat”, “Aswang”, and other superstitious beliefs and stories. For my five years here in Dumaguete City, I never had the courage to go to the island for these known folktales. Even when invited at fiestas and occasions, I always get an excuse not to go to the place. But since it is summer time, these stories never stop me from finally visiting the island of Siquijor.
Siquijor Island
Nestled in Central Visayas, the island is the third smallest province of the Philippines after Camiguin and Batanes. Located northwest of the island are Cebu and Negros. In the northeast is Bohol; while on the south is Mindanao. It is accessible by boat only, since they still don’t have an airport yet.
Photo by Walter Grapa (kudos for the photoshop)
Photos by Marcos Chymera
Our destination was Salagdoong Beach Resort & Hotel Agripino– one of the beautiful and affordable white beach resorts in the island. It is situated in Maria, Siquijor, which happens to be one of the scariest areas ACCORDINGLY. You can get there by rented vans or motorbike in just 45 minutes to 1 hour trip. 
lush forest going to Salagdoong Beach Resort

Guess what island is at my back?

Hotel Agripino anyway offers cheaper room rates that are really suitable for barkadas, families, and couples in vacations. This is government owned, so quality service is assured. 
Photo by RJ Samson
more accomodations
You can find more information about the room rates HERE. You would surely get a pleasure in the resorts facilities. During our visit, their white and blue swimming pool is under construction, but sad to say that we only have an hour to stay. So what we did was take a lot of pictures of the place. 

Telephone #: (035) 344-2088, 480-9173
Hotel Agripino: (+63) 09102002552
Cottages: (+63) 0918771471 

pool under construction
smiling ME
We toured Siquijor Island for four hours ONLY. Too short indeed, but that at least I was given a chance to prove that Siquijor is not the island you would be scared to go. Truly, God has chosen Siquijor to be blessed with wonderful white shoreline and kind accommodating people. 
dead coral reef
one of the best shot by Walter Grapa
Lesson learned? Face your fears! Siquijor is definitely an enchanting beautiful island.

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