Monday, March 5, 2012

It's SUMMER time!

Summer has always been my favorite time of the year. Being born in April, I seem to become a sun-loving person. When I was a kid, I get really depressed when it's raining outside. I feel like it would be the last day of the world. Watching TV at home is no way to compare the fun I got from running around and playing under the sun. I wouldn’t even bother the scolding I would get just as long as I was able to play the whole day. 

What I most like in summer days is that everything seems to be lively. The colors and shades intensify and become more dramatic. It’s like all hues are brightened by the sun. The fresh smells of flowers are almost everywhere. The warmth of the air lightens up your mood. Even the scorching heat of the sun does feel better.  Everything turns out wonderful and splendid! 

Photo courtesy of wgrapa

Summer is also the most convenient time where getaways and vacations are so memorable to spend with. Next to Yuletide season, reunions are scheduled in summer days. It’s the best time to make up with our families and relatives, school batch mates, and old barkadas. The echoes of laughter are music to my ears every time I see reunions held in beaches and resorts. I get envious seeing old friends hugging and tossing their bottles in bars and cafes. I feel like crying seeing old grannies reunited with their all-grown up daughters and sons. Truly, summer is such the happiest month of the year!

But of course, being a summer-lover, I wouldn't miss any getaways I could have this year. My summer fun begun last March and I hope to end it on June. Before this May ends, I will be sharing all the escapades I took before I started this travel blog. So for now, I’ll park my keyboard (no longer a pen) and enjoy the rest of my evening.

Thanks for listening guys!

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