Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bambulo - A Discovery

I am always fascinated in trying out new restaurants and fast-foods in town. It’s not that I am good in flavors and foods, but I just loved exploring new places to hangout with my friends. Depending on the mood, I feel that there’s always the right place to relax and chit-chat. I can’t imagine bringing a broken-hearted friend crying a river in a food-chain and everyone else are glaring at us. That will never happen! Of course, I will take that friend to a nice private place where the two of us can talk to. Likewise, a romantic date will never become such if you would take that special someone in a fast-food restaurant.  It will always be in quiet beautiful place sparkled with magnificent lights and adorations. These are some good reasons why I always love to check out nice places nearby, and Bambulo is really one of the great choices I can assure.
Bambulo is originally built as restaurant and mini-golf course niche for day trippers and tourists. It is owned by a Swiss national who married a Filipina.
The restaurant offers delectable menus of foods and drinks. It started its business last January, 2011, but was temporarily closed last December, 2011. It resumes in business last January, 2012 after they recovered from typhoon Sendong.
View from the roadside
As the name speaks, the restaurant is mostly made out of bamboos. It is fashioned in a Filipino-style restaurant, but with world-class services. The lobby displays the native style ornaments and decorations. The tables and huts are all made of bamboo trees. There are also native-styled Cottages, which are all open for bookings. The place is situated near the river, so you can always hear the sweet sound of nature. Chirping of the birds are all everywhere, and not to mention the coolness of the breeze. The place is so relaxing even especially summer days.
Me at the lobby
Nipa Cottages
Since they are still recovering from the destruction cause by the typhoon last December, 2011, they offer FREE entrance to attract more guests and visitors. There a lot of recreational activities that can be held in the place. It can also cater birthdays and other celebrations. They are open seven days a week from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Though the mini-golf course is not yet functional even at this time, you can still enjoy the beautiful swimming pool for only $2.50 (100.00 Php). The management is still planning to expand the area by constructing another swimming pool.
Bambulo pool
If you’re looking for a cool relaxing place, Bambulo is best for you. So, check it for yourself! 

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  1. astonishingly described..nice work AICY..hehehe, want to go to that place:)thanks for letting me read and know that another beautiful place such as this exists...places in dumaguete always compliments with the beautiful women that also inhabits here:)God bless!hope to read more from you...

  2. thanx john. super nice ang place jud. pwede rapod mokaon lang.

  3. Nice dai...i love the write looking forward to spend a day on that place...:)



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