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Tirambulo Highland Resort - Journey to the Center of Mabinay (Part 2)

In the late 1980's, an ex-Mayor of Mabinay, Negros Oriental, Philippines, developed his property and named it Tirambulo Highland Resort. The small pond of Mr. Cristito Tirambulo's property was made into six large man-made lake. The largest one is named Lake Cristito.
Mini-waterfalls in Tirambulo Highland Resort

A nearby spring serves as a fresh water source of these lakes. Activities you can enjoy are water-biking, kayaking, fishing, and even swimming. The resort has a lot of fishing spot where guests can catch fish and let the restaurant's chef cook it for meal.
Tirambulo Highland lake
Tirambulo Highland lake
Tirambulo Highland lake Photo Source: HERE
The place was so big for a guest like me who's not into trekking this time. It would be more than okay if the resort has a golf cart to tour around their guests. I wasn't able to take pictures of the other lakes, because the first two were located in the entrance area. 

We were really hungry and exhausted in the ride to Tirambulo Highland Resort. The road was not fully cemented, and we have to struggle with the rough road.
photo source: HERE
The photo above is a Pedicab under the scorching heat of the sun. This is the way going to Tirambulo Highland Resort. Bright and beautiful as it may seemed, but you would wish for a pouring rain when you're in that pedicab. It was too darn hot! 

In my last post (HERE), we explored the camping area of Tirambulo Highland Resort. We joined the others and checked for their mini-waterfalls. One of them is the first photo above. It's actually a small waterfall. I just zoomed in the camera to focus how beautiful it was. These are actually the outlet of the water flowing from the natural spring nearby. It was really cleverly designed. 
water outlets of Tirambulo Highland lakes
Nature at its best
Tirambulo Highland Resort mini-waterfalls
We joined the others in the resort's kiddie pool. We really wish we booked an overnight stay in the resort.
To the swimming pool
The resort has only one swimming pool. Alongside, you would have the playground for kids. 
Tirambulo Highland Resort's kiddie pool
Tirambulo Highland Resort's castle
Tirambulo Highland Resort's playground
My group
streaming water in the slide
With Xoxo_grah of Chicturista
Thank you so much for having me as your tour guide today. This may not be one of those fancy and famous resorts in the Philippines, but you'll surely experience vacation in an affordable rate. And of course, you also have nature at its best at Tirambulo Highland Resort. Goodbye for now!

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  1. Loved the photos you have miss Phioxee. Very close to nature. I love Tirambulo :)

  2. Kung malapit lang yan, pumunta na ako. I will surely ned some heat here, coz it is really cold:)
    Very nice place :)

    1. ;-) hope you enjoy the cold weather, mommy joy. maganda din namang maglaro ng snowball

  3. parang sa camiguin lang din. ang dami na nasa listahan ko nito! hehe pasyal na sa camiguin! sa summer ha! hahaha

  4. ganda! close to nature while enjoying ehh nu
    pwedeng pwede kaso
    layo samen nyan hahaha

  5. Fancy or famous or not, it looks really beautiful. With that nature and weather you have you don't even need to go super fancy ;)
    x, Lara

  6. Phioxee naka advanced summer na tayo ha.
    It reminds me of a place in Bacolod..

  7. Pumapart 2!:))

    Ang gganda ng mga pagkagreen ng pictures! Ang gaan tingnan, maaliwalas. Tuwang tuwa din ako sa mini water falls! Mining mini sya.

    Tama, mas masarap sa mag gala kung may cab kayo no.

  8. certified traveller na talaga...dami ng napuntahan mo na magandang lugar....

  9. Ang ganda. Winish ko na makarating din ako dyan someday. Medyo malayo kasi.

  10. Ang ganda ng place. Maaliwalas at mukhang sariwa ang hangin. Sarap mag unwind dyan :D

  11. cute ng kabute parang umbrella lang talaga LOL

  12. Gustung-gusto ko yung 3rd pic! Nakakarelax yung ganyan. :)

  13. What a gorgeous place! It looks like paradise. :)

  14. Ang saya - gusto ko tuloy bigla mag swimming! at mag fishing! at mag slide sa pool! :)

  15. Fishing din ang unang pumasok sa isip ko habang tinitignan ang mga photos. Yung photo na daanan tapos parang grassland yung sides, ganun yung mga type kong eksena :D

  16. Pansin ko lang lagi kayong magkasama ni Xoxo-Grah sa mga gala. Mukhang bestfriends ah. :-)

    Cleverly designed nga pero mukhang mahirap marating kasi kailangan mong mag-tricycle para makarating sa resort. Pero ganyan talaga ang buhay. Kailangan dumaan sa hirap.

  17. bigla tuloy kaming nasasabik sa pagdating ng summer.. swimming na (sabay tugtog ng "Sunburn" by sandwich) hehehehe

  18. Such a beautiful pictures.



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  19. Wala talaga akong masabi sa ganda ng kalikasan especially sa Philippines. Dapat nga lang talaga pangalagaan. Galing ng mga captures nyo! Sarap magbakasyon at magrelax!

  20. Summer na summer enough to cheer my day :) nice photos girl :)

  21. I love all of the mini waterfalls! How pretty!

  22. good day! hi to all. guys do u have contact number of tirambulo resort? planning to go there this month....thanks


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