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Tirambulo Highland Resort - Journey to the Center of Mabinay (Part 1)

One of the famous resorts in Mabinay, Negros Oriental is Tirambulo Highland Resort. Situated in the uptown area, the resort's remarkable feature is its six man-made lakes. I would be more than happy to take you guys to the vast expanse of Tirambulo Highland Resort.
Tirambulo Highland Resort (photo SOURCE)

How to get there?
A two-hour bus ride from Dumaguete City to Mabinay will take you. In the center of the town, a pedicab can take you straight to the resort. But you can also inform the bus driver to drop you in the junction that will lead you to Tirambulo High Resort. From the highway, it's five-minute walk (100-Meter away).
Dumaguete City Ceres Terminal (bus terminal)
pedicab's front (accommodate four)
My group decided to take the pedicab. This utility vehicle is really small, enough to carry three or four people. Just imagine how the nine of us were jam-packed into the pedicab. From the town center, we went straight to the Tirambulo Highland Resort. 
pedicab's back
pedicab's side (behind the driver)
outside the pedicab (no idea how did he make it without falling)
We paid Php 70.00 each, because they have to wait for us. Getting a private ride is really ideal when you want to visit the resort. The road is quite uphill and the place has few public vehicles.
Tirambulo Highland Resort
Forest-like resort
The resort is named after an ex-Mayor of Mabinay, Negros Oriental - Cristito Tirambulo. It is located in Lumbangan, Mabinay, Negros Oriental. For a Php 20.00 entrance fee, you would have a relaxing nature-escapade.
Going to the resort's lobby
Tirambulo Highland Resort was first known for its beautiful man-made lake. But the resort is now known for its scenic view apt for a wonderful garden weddings and celebrations. It is good for family picnic and barkada getaways. The place is so big and offers a lot of amenities and activities. Few of these activities are hook and line fishing, kayaking, water biking, camping, swimming, and other activities.
lunch at Tirambulo Highland Resort
Barkada at Tirambulo Highland Resort
Our lunch was late. We're so hungry when the food was served. I forgot to ask if guests could bring food, but I guess there's no corkage fee for outside food. Nevertheless, the resort's restaurant offers Filipino cuisine. We ordered Crispy Pata and Shrimp Sinigang, because we need to save some money for the next stop.
Crispy Pata
Shrimp Sinigang
Everybody's so busy eating, but I don't want to miss any moment.
After lunch, we started to roam around. The resort's rustic ambiance is definitely relaxing. Tirambulo Highland Resort offers native cottages for overnight stays of visitors and guests. Price ranges from Php 800.00 to Php 1500.00. These cottages are positioned under the shady trees with the scenic view of the man-made lake. 
Cottage in Tirambulo Highland Resort
With my two friends, we went to see the man-made forest they developed for camping visitors.
Forest in Tirambulo Highland Resort
The luscious forest is so inviting and the calmness is soothing in the mind. We did some photo-shoot.
Take 1
Take 2
Take 3
Final ;-)
Thank you so much for visiting today. Next post will be about Tirambulo Highland Resort's swimming pool, the six man-made lakes, and mini-waterfalls. I hope you have a wonderful day!

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  1. maganda yung ambiance, parang may fiesta.

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    sarap ng food.

  4. ginutom ako sa food indai...hehe hoping to have more trips with you indai...i still love the forest above all else...hehe


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  6. my goodness. that crispy pata photo got me all charged up.

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    Kakatuwa yung pictorial session nyo sa in the woods XD

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