Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Cebu City - New Life but NO POST

It has been more than a month since I relocated here in Cebu City, Philippines. It's more than a month as well since the last time I posted something here. I got a lot of pending post on my draft, but all of them do not have photos on them. I do not have the hard drive with me, so I can't work and finish anything.
I really miss blogging. Once in a while I check out blog posts, especially those bloggers who posted their links in Facebook and Twitter. I wish I always have a computer or laptop. Right now, I borrowed a friend's lappy, so I can watch movie on my rest days, but a brilliant idea came to me. Why not enable my phone's tether and quickly make a post ;-)
I'd like to thank those bloggers who never fail to visit here. Thanks a lot. I'm still trying to adapt the city life. My pimples are killing me everyday. Every two weeks, we're given a new schedule. I really have to bear with it, coz I'm still in training. I miss the things I'd left behind in Dumaguete.
Though I'm starting to have new friends here in Cebu city, I still miss my old friends. I still can't forget the word "chilling" everytime I went out with them. Here, chilling is partying. I know how to party, but it has never been my thing. I love to hang out with friends, and partying is like faking the bond. I want something real like talking and laughing.
I have a lot of friends here though, but everybody's busy except during night outs. My co-border here in my apartment asked me where do I always go after work, because he has never seen my room lit up even night time. Yeah I always go out with friends, and my money's running out before payday comes. lol I'm not a loner, and I can't stay in my room whole day without someone to talk to. I easily got bored except today when I have something to write.
I realized my next project is to get a laptop. How much is a laptop? I wish there's a Php 2000.00. I'll buy myself right away. lol
Thanks for everything blogger friends and readers. I still receive traffic even I'm away.
Just me,


  1. Wow you moved to a different city, that's a big change. By the way, there is a 20k something laptop, but second hand.

    1. super big change sa life ko marj. sana magka himala at magka 20k ako now nah. hahaha

  2. Nice to read updates from you:)

    1. thanx mommy joy. salamat sa pag bisita.buti naman di nyo ko nakalimutan

  3. Bonjour,

    Je suis heureuse de vous lire... Je connais bien Cebu. Ma meilleure amie, ma sister de coeur vit à Cebu. J'y suis allée il y a un peu plus d'un an et j'y ai séjourné durant plus de deux mois.
    Je devrais en principe y retourner cet hiver prochain.
    Mon amie a ouvert un restaurant à Cebu ce 20 juillet dernier. Il s'appelle Fuzion. Voici les coordonnées :
    Fuzion Gourmet‎
    Unit 101-102 Mango Square Mall
    Juana Osmeña Street, Cebu City, Philippines
    +63 32 254 1586

    Mon amie Divina est charmante. Allez-y de ma part, Martine Alison CHABERT. Vous pouvez demander à lui parler, elle s'occupera bien de vous.

    Je vous fais de gros bisous.

    1. wow! so you've been here. hope you'll be coming back here in cebu city. im gonna check out that restaurant. Osmeña street is really the heart of the city. whats your sister's name? ;-) thanx for visiting here.

  4. Ayun nag-update ka rin Ate Aicy ehehe :D

    Uu dapat next target na dapat magkaroon kay ay isang brand new lappy!

    Na-miss ka na ng blogosphere!

  5. it may take some time indai...but youll get used to it. im happy neverless that you have new friends already. you know i miss u so bad also...:)


  6. Happy to read from you again :) ! Hope you can adapt without a bigger stress! I defo know the difference between chilling and partying, and I am a chilling person..
    My lappy's cable broke and a new one was really expensive plus it took looong to get, it was so annoying ><
    Hope you will get a new lappy soon ^^

  7. Nice to hear from you, Phioxee.
    Yes, guess you need a laptop :) TC

  8. hello! wew havent heard from you for a while. Go get yourself a laptop! And go get travel with friends again. :) I hope all goes well with you and break a leg! haha

  9. at last na buksan ko din... hindi sya nag oopen sa ibang computer.. ibang page ang lumalabas. medyo mahirap kapag nasa ibang lugar ka pero muka namang nakaka-cope up ka na sa new environment mo :D

  10. Naks city girl na siya! You'll get used to it somehow. Wag lang masyado magparty, lakas talaga makabutas yan ng bulsa.

  11. Na realize kong ang lungkot pala, dahil sa mga nangyari sa work, you had to move to a new place and be away from friends and family. I hope you're doing okay and will be settled soon. At sana nga may 2k na laptop, balitaan mo ako kung saan ka makakakita at bibili din ako hehe! :)

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